Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Chelsie's Chalet! xD



Good evening/morning?? everyone. I just came back from Chelsie's 18th Birthday Chalet and I'm freaking tireddddddddddddd!!!!

Totally didn't catch a wink AT ALL. Lol. After blogging, spent the next hour watching some shows online while the guys and Stephanie were still playing Mahjong. LOL! (Yes, I'm saying I didn't sleep at all last night.)
Everyone was really shag by... 6am?! Lol.

Started a new round of mahjong at 7am and I couldn't take it when the clock strikes 8. LOL! A bit weak uh but I can't do without sleeping. Lol. Went to take naps while Eugene take over and they finished their games at 9.30am?! Lol. Sent them off, cleared everything on my bed and napped for a while more.

Was very very very very very very very very very very very late to meeting Haniza.

Started off the afternoon with some gift shopping (I am so glad, I'm done with alll~) at Wisma. :D
& ya, as muddleheaded as I always am with directions; I actually went to Wheelock Place to wait for her. LOL! But good thing I suddenly remembered how silly I am. ;x
Before lunch, Haniza actually confessed that she forgot about my birthday again this year. LOL! Trust me to have told her like... 3 days before it?! Lol.

So, I had her treat me to lunch! :D

MOS BURGER it is. :D

Lunch was fabulous with the talks and all. Haha~ It was nice. Just like last time. :)
Aftermath, headed to get some gift wrappers and settled somewhere to get our gifts nicely packed. :D

My lovely BFF! :D

Gift for Chelsie. :D

& For Celina. :D

While doing this, we saw our primary schoolmate. -.- Who was also on his way to Chelsie's chalet. double -.- Lol~ It was like us being caught red-handed to be doing the gift at that time. Haha.

Then, we packed our things and headed off to the Chalet. The way we actually found the chalet was amusing! Lol. At least to me and Haniza, it was. Haha!
We actually overheard the few people infront of us while queuing for bus 29 discussing about Chelsie's blah blah blah and came to a conclusion that they were heading the same place we were going. Lol. The journey was... =.= Superrrrrrrrr long.

Slowly, we started to notice the group of people who were behind us in the bus. Lol~ Overhearing them exclaiming about the location and pressing the bell; we prepared to alight. LOL! And, we waited for them to walk pass us before we follow them. HAHA!

:D Being bored.

The location was pretty deserted. Haha. And, Chelsie's chalet was directly opposite OCH. =.= Lol.

Random pictures...

Got bored and started to hurry Yanling to arrive. Lol. Went to the bus stop to allow them to spot us to alight BUT!! they actually didn't see us. -.- Lol. End up walking alot.

:D Yanling and Jessica.

I like this picture! :d

After taking this shot; we had dinner! :D

But before that, Jessica started disturbing Yanling. LOL!

After dinner~

Dinner was nicely catered. :D Save trouble for bbq-ing. HAHA!

Alrighty, I'm a tad tad tad lazy to do details so, I'm goinf brief. Pardon me arhhhh~
But anyway, there's not much details la. LOL! Didn't know anyone at all. So, there wasn't much stuffs going on. :D

Yanling, Jessica, Haniza and ME ME ME!

Yanling's new hairstyle???

As usual, Yanling's always snatching other people's stuffs. LOL!

Wanted to take indiviual pictures with Chelsie but she was busy being a great host. Lol.

Entertaining ourselves. :D

The following pictures you're about to view are... accidentally snapped. It's the position of the hands AND nothing's touched~ LOL!


Look at where Yanling's hand was positioned~ Lol!

&Haniza wanted to take revenge!! Lol.

LOL! Jessica behind trying to freak Yanling out! Lol.

Yanling. :D



ME (The shortest) and Chelsieeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Her banner's pretty right right right?? LOL.

More self-timed shots taken. :D
This time, with Chelsie! :D

Failed jump shots~ My skills sucks!

Chelsie, Yanling, Jessica, Haniza and ME! :D

"So what are we going to do next???"
Chelsie: "Jump jump jump!!!"

LOL! I know, we look retarded. hahahah.

Thanks for inviting us to your chalet, Chelsie.
Hope you like the gift we gave.
Wish you a BLASTING 18. :D

Aftermath, wanted to stay longer but Mum sort of insisted that I have to get back home soon. Was reallyyyyyyyy pissed to be hurried but still did as told. Took cab with Haniza, Jessica and Yanling~
Was really tired at that point of time; actually. LOL! I was really yearning for my bed...
Got home and almost flared at my mother before I dragged myself to my room

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