Sunday, March 29, 2009

March09 Ending soon... :(

27th MARCH 2009

Have been having quality times with my girls these two days. :):) First was on Friday where Yanling randomly asked us out (for the very first time!! Lol.). Initial plan was to accompany her to "pluck" eyebrow and buy some stuffs. In the end, we only met up to do some catching up. :D And Yanling got her necessity, a shawl for some dinner/ball the next day (yesterday).

We were starving by the time we reached AMK Hub because Yanling was late, so the first stop was lunch! Lol. After much discussion, we dined in New York New York.
Thanks ah Jiaxuan, for the treat! :D

After which, we shopped around for Yanling's shawl. When we were done, I realise I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT MY TUITION!!! Lol. That's for not checking my schedule. :( Worse of all, I realise it only WHEN MY STUDENT CALLED AND ASKED ME TO OPEN THE DOOR FOR HER. I wanted to just slap myself and knock against some wall please. -.- Can't believe I actually forgot about my tuition... !#@%!@$@#$@$

Anyhow, I didn't rush back home because my student was down with flu and wanted to rest either. *Phew Though I know she's just giving an excuse for me to make me feel better. Lol.

Can't remember why but after shopping, we settled down in Coffee Bean and chilled.

That was also when Yanling managed to force Jiaxuan to skip work today. HAHA! Yanling seem to be the bad guy that day uh. Lol. Took quite a long time for Jiaxuan to finally give in and she missed her work that day! Lol. Money flew away~~~ ;x

Glad she didn't go for work though. Haha. At least we had extra time with each other. God knows when we'll get to meet up with each other again... After getting the shawl, Yanling was telling us about the different comments given to her regarding her dress. That was when we decide to end the day off at her place - also to help her with her dress and stuff. :):):):):)

Forever lying down in people's bed and sleeping. LOL. Good thing she didn't sleep that day.

While Yanling changed...

Pretty right?! :D

See this messy girls' room. Lol. That's after all the changing and such...

And here's the only nice picture of us. Haha!


28th MARCH 2009

Next, we met yesterday to celebrate JinHui's 18th Birthday. :D
Headed off to Hougang Mall lazily - to get the Birthday cake and meet Yanling. Should have headed off early because I saw someone I don't exactly wanna see. Lol.

Really wasn't in the mood to take pictures initially...

Edmond, Lijian and Jiaxuan. We spent about... half an hour to an hour to wait for Bingcheng and Zhixiong.

See how Yanling always disturb us with her love for taking pictures almost all the time! Lol...

Walking to his place. Boy, the weather was a killer yesterday!

Preparing the cake and the surprise.

Just to make sure Jinhui was home yesterday, we had Zhixiong ring him up. The conversation was pretty cute and it's something like this...-
Zhixiong : "Eh. Play Dota leh."
Jinhui : "Don't want la. I need to go CIP later."
-I don't remember the middle section of the conversation-
Zhixiong : "Wah. You don't wanna play Dota, go play maple."

Okay, maybe you won't share the same sentiment as we did but... never mind. Lol.

The cake~~
OMG! After some conversation I had with Yanling about her virgin experience to dining in a Hotel, I suddenly crave for cakes! Stupid her, giving so precise description to the cake she ate. LOL!


His place... I guess he was really surprised because he definitely didn't guess we'll do something like this. Lol. If I'm not wrong, this is his first time celebrating with his friends. x.x

While we brought the cake to the kitchen, the guys, being typical, started to hog on his computer. =.=|||

Candles became really really short! Lol. So cuteeeeeeeeeeee.

Getting the candles off the cake...

Clearing the wax...

Cutting it and sharing it. :D :D :D

Mango cake's really goodddddddddddddddd~

Then, we did the usual, GROUP PHOTOS! :D Had a lot of shots taken because the guys decide to spoil the pictures. Lol.

Funniest one among the lot...


Best one out of the lot...

After which, Yanling left to prepare for her dinner while Jinhui left for his CIP, Zhixiong and Lijian went to attend some other friend's Birthday Chalet leaving Jiaxuan, Bingcheng, Edmond and I cabbing down to my place (because of the freaking hot weather) to play mahjong!
Been quite some time since I last played. :D Lost $10 in total. Lol. It was still fun though. Haha.

Rosanne came to join at night before we had dinner in my place. They left like.. around 11plus? Crazy enough, they headed down to Edmond's place to continue mahjong. I'm so not that crazy for mahjong anymore. LOL!

Bathed and watched TV! :D

My favourite picture! Lol.

Got me thining that I can't exactly hit the sack straight. =/ A million things in mind.


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