Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers' Day + Fathers' Birthday

 photo P1380704.jpg
A paper plate medal for our super Dad!
Something my sister has done with her class on Friday for this special day.

As we grow older, we get too occupied with our own commitments and become lazier to put in effort for an occassion. But, our parents will never change their expectation, and it's simple... They either just want us to be good or wish for the family to spend the simple day together. Simple things can mean a lot.

Maybe not for every parents... But mine are one of those typical ones? Lol.

 photo P1380700.jpg
Happy Dad with his paper plate medal. ^^

 photo P1380708.jpg
Mum treated the family to a really nice and atas Chinese restaurant at Marriot Hotel.

We were out to celebrate Fathers' Day and my Fathers' birthday.. (It's in 3 days time! ^^) But, it was like any other family weekend for us... I guess the family is spending too much time together and dining in too many nice places... Occassions don't seem to stand out from our ordinary days anymore... Especially when we've stopped going to extra mile to do something for them. :/

Or should I say, everyday is a special day for us? (:

My mother always tell us "Every day will be Mothers' Day as long as you 2 are good girls." Lol.

 photo P1380710.jpg
My favourite lovebirds! My future couple goal.
No need to be super lovey dovey or a super generous couple... Just be like them... Even with all the fights and what not, I'll still be satisfied.

 photo P1380705.jpg  photo P1380706.jpg

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I wish for us all to be healthy and continue to annoy the hell out of each other for a really long time. ♥

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