Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dim Sum Dollies: The History Of Singapore Part 1

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The sibei white face when you first come out of the house. LOL.

My parents will ALWAYS comment that my face 超级白 (super white) when I first exit my bedroom after making up, and I have to always repeat that the makeup will oxidize once we exit the house and when I sweat before slowly becoming natural.... Is it just me that the makeup works like that? Lol.

Anyway, I digress from the start.... xD


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After searching high high and low low for someone to watch it with me, I successfully begged got someone!! Haniza, my new and only go-to-friend for any theatre shows / musicals. HEH.

I cannot tell you how happy I was when Haniza finally agreed to catch the comedy with me... But, after getting the tickets, I amost immediately started worrying that she won't like it...... I was afraid this would spoil her impression. Lol. This show is probably her first(?) local comedy and I definitely did not want her to have any negative impressions... I'm confident that Dim Sum Dollies won't disappoint, but all these are subjective. Some people likes certain stuff while some other may just hate the same thing.

FORTUNATELY, she enjoyed the show and agreed to watch Part 2 together. HEHEHEHE. We definitely had many laughing moments and I was glad I went with Haniza because she could explain some of the stuff to me... Like 'SPGs'! Now, my parents also know it too. xD

Before the show~~~

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Went out with the family^^

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Met Haniza first for a quick dinner @ Supply and Demand X
So happy to dine with someone who loves fries more than me! EAT ALL THE FRIES & FATS, YOU!! hahahha.

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During the intermission and Haniza looking all fuzzy here.

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We really enjoyed the show. Money well spent!

The stage and props were pretty elaborate, something expectable from Dim Sum Dollies. Hmmm... To be honest, I have only recently (2 years?) become a fan of Dim Sum Dollies and do not know that much of how they really are...... But I know these big costumes and bright displays are their 'signature'.

ANYWAY! I have to embarrassingly admit that there were actually a few things about our history I first came to know during the show. >< /failedSingaporean

There was also this act where they sang a tribute to 'LucKY'. I felt a little emotional halfway through.. The song was simple, but nice. This first half of the year is such an emotional one for many. :/

AND SO, I cannot wait for part 2. I wonder if there are more things about Singapore that I do not know....

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To more shows together! (:

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Forced selfie Sugarsushichua.


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