Sunday, May 03, 2015

The Long Weekend With Drinks

Hi hi hi! D: This long weekend (actually, just Saturday night) has been very fun and it deserves an entry so I can remember that such a thing has happened. Lol.

Celebrated Kesslyn's birthday on Friday (here) and then had a relaxing Saturday morning pampering my scalp in Jean Yip before having a pleasant brunch with 梅花. But, that brunch story for another day...

Today's main point is the drinking experience!!! :D

Sadly, no pictures from the evening because I was... shy. LOL.

Was invited to my new friends' (they are technically my colleagues) new place. I didn't know why I accepted their invitation since I'm not very close to them and won't know anyone else who's invited... It would have been an extremely bad idea. I would usually come up with something to be absent on the day. :X But then, I'd probably thought I should live life a little and get out of my comfort zone for a bit.

It was a fun decision, and I have no regrets. :)

Arriving at the house alone was a little nerve wrecking. I didn't know what to expect and was there empty handed... Not the usual housewarming parties I reckon.

The place was a little quiet and there were no shoes outside, then someone I don't know opened the door and for a second, I wondered if I was at the right place... Until my friend called out to me *phew*. I was then welcomed into a house filled with people I do not know... Strangers. Lol. The group of young people were my friends' colleagues. Mostly from the UK and here in Singapore for work. It was pretty cool. I was surrounded by people who speaks good English. LOL.

The night started with the 'Ring of Fire' game and drinks almost immediately. I was very glad to have had food prior to the party. Everyone drank a little bit of everything, from wine to beer to hard liquor, before it was time to head out for more drinks! It was awkward, but almost everyone was friendly. Alcohol helped a lot later. Lol. Made people loosen up and free-er I guess? After this 'first round', I was feeling slightly light-headed. Nothing I couldn't handle and we kind of sobered up during the cab right down to part 2. Lol.

We cabbed down to China One X for the second part of the night. The highlight as my friends had pointed out. China One had this concept of free drinks between 10pm to 2am for a cover-charge, and we just spammed. Drank so many tequila shots that I cannot remember how many. Maybe 5? 6? And a few glasses of random shit people gave me. Lol.

I was initially just curious about my alcohol limit.. Then after being loosen up, I started just going with the flow and drinking and drinking... and drinking. One of my friends just kept going "One moreeeeee!" everytime we downed one shot. Then, we'll just shrug and start queuing for the drink again. Drinking, drinking and drinking... It was to a point where I reached another level of high. I felt this other sense of happiness I've never felt before. Lol. I'm always happy, but I've never felt this loosen up kind of happy before... Like... I was... free. I was smiling a lot and even danced in the toilet cubicle (at first) LOL then when we proceeded to the dance floor, I grooved to the beat a little too. Not something I usually do.

Maybe that's just being drunk and all drugged* The dimmed lights in the club, and loud music probably contributed to my high state. I was very high, but not drunk. Things weren't as crystal clear, but I could very much remember everything that had happened (seeing one of the guys going into the ladies too LOL). I was also able to hold a proper conversation with my mother. It was so proper that she didn't realize her daughter was too high. xD One thing though, I screamed*text my friends a little too much. Hahahha. Laughed at my messages this morning when I saw them.

It was fun while it lasted. Because of my curfew, I had to cut short the night and cab home before it was 1am. :/ Feeling free, but not so free afterall.

Alcohol is not the best tasting, but drinking is fun. Getting high is fun, but the smell of alcohol on you is pretty awful. Loosening up is relaxing, but the hangover sucks. Big time.
I hate hangovers. But it goes to show that nothing good is ever entirely good. There's always a downside to something.

AND SO! That was a fun night I want to remember.

Drinking. Making new friends I doubt I'll ever see for the second time. Dancing a little. And all that shit yesterday. :D

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