Thursday, May 07, 2015


Lost my cool today.

Couldn't take the shit some people were throwing and lost my cool. I was so disappointed with myself after calming down. I really shouldn't have...

I've once mentioned that I'm the smallest fry in the project team and losing my cool would put me in a terribly bad position, but today... I just blew off.

No one has ever made me so pissed off before. So early in the morning... But I guess everything from this person piled up. He has been annoying from day 1 and there's so many things to point out if I have to.

Then again, sometimes I feel sorry for him. For having to be treated like a puppet here. It's this... evil person. Just this one evil person. Frustrates everyone and makes it so difficult for everyone. Everyone. Maybe everyone, but his own team. He smiles at you on the outside, while scheming something at the back of his mind; Scaring new joiners, throwing his weights around when he can and very often complaining about things that don't even matter.

Today, I realize I'm no longer afraid of him. He could try to frighten me all he wants, but now I'm not going to take in his shit. Is it because I've been here for a while now? I respect him as an elderly, but I'm not going to give in to his 'threats'. I shouldn't have to be afraid of people at work. I need to learn that.

Sometimes, I wonder why I have to put up with such people... And then I recall, I have no rights to be acting almighty. There are bound to be assholes everywhere and escaping is not a solution.

Haaaai. I certainly hope today's episode will not evolve from a blemish to a huge-ass pimple. :/

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