Saturday, May 09, 2015

One Phase Down!

There are several stages in a project lifecycle; Analysis & Design, System Development, System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing and then... Project Go Live!

It's already my... 9th month on the project, so quickly! &I'm lucky to have started from the Analysis & Design phase; Will get to go through the entire project cycle!! Can't wait for it to be over and see what's next in store for me. xD It's been a struggle, but it has also been fun the past few months. I guess it's really the people at work that makes things work.

Uhhh.. Sentiments for another day~~~

On Wednesday, the project team completed another milestone and now, we're halfway there! 3 phases down and one more major hurdle to go. &So, the project leads decided to give everyone a mini break and throw a parteeeh!! .......In the office........ Hurrr. The celebration was also kinda for some of the vendors who were only engaged for this testing phase. They are no longer with us and have proceeded to another project. It's interesting to work in a project because you get to interact with people from different walks of life and who specializes in different fields. I definitely like meeting different people.

Bacccck to the night.

Was kind of a bad idea to have it in the office compound because it didn't really feel like a party and I had to stay back to clean up. Boooooooo.

Anyway, we ordered some beers from Brewerkz X and I guess it didn't fit everyone's palette because there were two 5-litre mini kegs left out of the 6 we got. :O We actually thought the beers will be gone first and totally underestimated the amount of food to get. I don't like doing a substandard job and felt extremely guilty that some people came with no food left on the table. :/ It's like I didn't do thorough consideration for the crowd that is coming. Was really bothered Sometimes, you just have to listen to your gut and do it. Especially when you're working with another who isn't as bothered, and just wanna get over and done with things. :/ I'd rather have leftover than have lack of food. Such an embarrassment.

The night still went of smoothly nonetheless and I'm happy. At least one more pleasant memory into this bag of experience. :)

 photo P1380431.jpg
Our recreation room (we have a pool and soccer table and a few treadmills).
Check out the foooooooood that was not enough for the crowd. URG.

 photo P1380436.jpg
So crazy spicy that I'll get sausage lips. Lol. I like the other snow cheese one too.

 photo P1380441.jpg
It was a good decision to have just opened 4 out of the 6 first.
I wonder when will we ever finish the other 2. :/

Pictures with people at work! :D
Because of the lighting, they turned out a little too yellowish. SOBS.

 photo P1380468.jpg

 photo P1380461.jpg
This guy inimidated me so much at first. Turns out to be younger than me. -.-
Experienced a lot of emotions while working with him. LOL.

 photo P1380447.jpg
New friends at work!

 photo 1430914249415.jpg  photo 1430914244123.jpg
The 2 who invited me to their housewarming just last week X

 photo P1380483.jpg

 photo 1430914254045.jpg  photo 1430914204540.jpg  photo 1430914206513.jpg  photo 1430914212814.jpg
The last of this Dutch I'll see.... It's been nice even though we didn't get to work with each other.

And so, the night ended with drinks, lack of food and an averagely good time. Really, the lack of food bothered me a lot. Lol. I stayed back a little longer to clear up and work out how to bring home the 2 styrofoam boxes we got from storing the beers.

Lucky for me, I have extremely awesome friends who would do anything for me... Even if it means coming out late at night from home and driving me home before going back home.

 photo 20150506_234810.jpg  photo 20150506_234807.jpg  photo 20150506_234743.jpg

She actually came when I needed help and she lives so near my office! Imagine the unnecessary detour she had to make! ♥

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