Friday, May 01, 2015

Kesslyn's 24th Birthday!

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Kesslyn's joining the 24 Y.O club in 5 days... And today, the Penguin and I took some time off our very busy schedule (lol) to celebrate her growing another year older wiser. ;)

ps: I love public holidays! It's Labour Day today. Heh.

It was a simple day out together.. Something we haven't done for a while now. (If I am not wrong, the last time we dolled up and hung out together was for my birthday... Whuttt.. That's 2 months ago!) Work and boyfriends have robbed us off some time alone. :( But, I am sure glad Kesslyn and I have joined Punggol North CSC now; We'll definitely get to see each other at least once a month. Woooooohoooo~~ Well, that story for another day.

We had a rough idea what we wanted to do for the day, but it was very simple. Eat > shop > hang out > eat. Lol.

Seem like every kind of celebration will never leave out eating, yes? Lol. Despite our already very simple plan, we only managed to have brunch, visit Jiaxuan's grandma, check out the LKY museum and then have dinner. Lol. Forever eating. Was so crazy full after dinner....... I don't even think I've fully digested all my food yet. >< I better stop torturing my tumtum.

It was an impromptu decision to visit Jiaxuan's grandma. It was because we were nearby, and she haven't seen her grandma for a while.. So, after brunch, we all became filial grand-daughters, took a bus, walked a little and accompanied Jiaxuan to see her grandma. Lol.

Oh! Oh! We did spend quite a bit of time taking pictures after checking out the museum too. It was fun, yet very tiring. One face, how many expressions?! Lol.

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Brunch at Fresh Fruits Lab X

Served us fruit juices in a test tube when we settled down! Would have been great if they were icy cold!

It was very very hot! It was very very warm. But the place was filled, and we were famished. Settled for their tables outdoor and had to keep calm to feel cooled. 心静自然凉. Lol. The indoor dining looked so nice, spacious and cooling. Sobs. Anyway! We didn't take too long to decide what we want. There wasn't a great variety to confuse people. Which is good... I like it when people don't take too long to decide on what they want to eat. Lol.

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Mushroom Fritter
Not the usual sides we'll order, but these were nice. I wasn't crazy about them though...

 photo P1380249.jpg
Our drinks!!!
I love their presentation! So cute. So picture worthy. Lol.

 photo P1380251.jpg
Our brunch.
I had their Eggs Benedicts while the other two went boring and ordered the same thing. Tsk. Lol.

 photo P1380255.jpg

Before we starting nom-ing, something happened and we suddenly started having a heart-to-heart session. One of us. It reminded me to always remember not to judge a book by its' cover... Because what is seen on the surface is hardly what it really is. It was nice though... To know more about something and more about a friend.

After the heavy hearted brunch, we went in to the cafe to order cakes!!! :D

No surprises because it's so... predictable now. Or are we just getting lazier? Lol.

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We can always trust Kesslyn to take F-O-R-E-V-E-R for a good shot.
Check out the Red Velvet with a bitten hole.... Culprit is me, because it looked so good and the wait was too long!

 photo 20150501_144546.jpg
This is literally 10 minutes or so later. . .
Cakeeee, I want.

 photo P1380271.jpg
Took really long for plenty of shots, but I guess one good one is worth it. :D
If only the 'Happy Birthday' stood out more.

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 photo P1380273.jpg
Waiting for the bus to our next destination.

It was a hot day, but a good day for pctures! I like most of the pictures we took today. ^^

 photo P1380274.jpg  photo P1380280.jpg
^^ Penguin and Duck!
This Kesslyn is forever trying to take pictures like that..... Nice meh? Lol.

 photo P1380281.jpg
I think smiling like this is a lot better.

 photo P1380275.jpg

 photo P1380276.jpg
Squeezing out the noisy queen

 photo P1380278.jpg
Unhappy face when she gets into the picture. Lol.

Hopped on the bus thereafter. Spent a little time with Jiaxuan's grandma, and had a nice chat with her. Also realise that I cannot converse very well in my dialect, Hokkien. Limited vocabulary. I am only able to spout nonsense, but is unable to hold a proper conversation. Lol. /fail

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This is us supposedly on our way to some shopping, but we decide to stop by the National Museum instead... To check out the LKY exhibition. In the end, we didn't finish the queue or go inside. :X Just being at the waiting area was overwhelming. So many well wishes and messages from the public. And the history of his deeds for our little country.... We're small, but it'll still take great effort to make a country all proper, safe and where we are today. I get slightly annoyed when people brush off his contribution by saying how relatively easy it is to manage a country so small. =.=

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Solo shots again. :)

 photo P1380313.jpg  photo P1380314.jpg  photo P1380315.jpg
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Got so tired from all the camwhoring, really.

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Our OOTDs! :)

 photo P1380421.jpg
&Then, dinner. Thai food! So much for 3. Too much for 3.

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To more stuffing meals together! 🍷🍷🍷

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