Saturday, February 28, 2015

Turning 24

The time has come....... Another year has passed....... In a few minutes, when the clock strikes 12, I turn another year older, and hopefully, another year wiser.

It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside (Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ suddenly playing in my head; Random much). I am thrilled that it’s my birthday (celebrations! cakes! Free food for most of the month! hehehe). Yet, I’m feeling a whole lot more nervous and frighten too.

Today’s not a day to speak of my insecurities and fears though. I’ll suppress those for another time. :D

Today, today, today.

Had my first birthday celebration with Kesslyn, Jiaxuan and my sister. It wasn’t an altogether thing though. Had lunch with the girls before meeting my sister for Karaoke at Rendezvous Hotels’ Teo Heng!

 photo P1360858_zps8lbn3mrm.jpg  photo P1360860_zpsr06am39y.jpg

It was a fairly simple lunch. No cakes, just us and the food (Nana's Green Tea X) and the catching ups and the camwhoring. :D Could have been a whole day kind of celebration (was our initial plan), but I chose to jam pack my day and include the celebration with my sister. Was still nice because I’d prefer celebrating my birthday not too far from the actual date. Especially with people close to my heart. ^^

 photo P1360816_zpsuy18s0q0.jpg
Nana's Green Tea was nice majorly because of their Azuki Latte. :D

 photo P1360810_zpssehxfkdx.jpg
Kesslyn How~

 photo P1360842_zps41blcngy.jpg  photo P1360844_zpskopplp0s.jpg

Jiaxuan :D More nicer shots, so post more of them! :P

 photo P1360843_zpsuoxzlxzq.jpg  photo P1360845_zpsoomxc9vy.jpg

 photo P1360839_zps6umvuaoy.jpg

 photo P1360840_zpsan0jmvge.jpg

We also did some shopping after lunch. Had to walk around to digest the yummy food and sweet Akuzi Latte I had. Lol.

 photo P1360852_zpsq5xhqc7b.jpg

Thereafter, my sister arrived at Plaza Singapura and we headed down to Rendezvous Hotel for a relaxing singing session. The parents aren’t in town (In Bangkok! Tsk.), so it was nice to spend time with the sister without our mother bugging us. :X

Karaoke is something ‘luxurious’ now that I am working. L No time during the day and too expensive over the weekends or after work. The closest I can get to satisfy my singing desire is in my bedroom, with the music blasting so loud that it drowns my singing.

 photo P1360861_zpsjmpetqeu.jpg  photo P1360862_zpsiktqkbcn.jpg

Anyway, my sister and I enjoyed the few short hours and left the place with soon-to-be coarse voices. Lol. It was very quickly evening when we were done (time flies when you’re having a good time), so we strolled down to Mandarin Gallery for dinner at Antoniette. I am always going to the same few places. Lol.

Chose Antoniette because I notice they had changed their menu and wanted to try their other stuffs. :D It was a good decision. I enjoyed dinner.

 photo P1360865_zpsacr2ukg9.jpg
/slurps Super delicious, but a little steep in price.
My sister ordered something we've already tried so no pictures! (Also because I'm lazy right now) :P

--- 💗 ---

 photo P1360850_zps5uvrahpn.jpg
Always grateful to have these special people in my life to celebrate my birthday every year, without fail.

 photo P1360864_zpsw5njrhae.jpg
&My ever generous sister! :) At least there's her left in the family to spend this day with me while the parents are out there enjoying Bangkok. :( Lol.

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