Thursday, March 15, 2007

i miss TOOTs!!

-.- something real dumb happened and my previous post was lost. so idiotic!

ahh~ i like this picture. =]
miss the days with TOOTs.
sighhs. thinking of TOOTs makes me feel guilty towards her all over again. sighhs. how i wish things didn't turn out the way it was. if only i can turn back time and make things the way it use to be, maybe she's still enthu and happy to be in.

today's a normal day. had lesson and then orchestra practice. reached home feeling tired but had to listen to dad's scolding because he can't understand how to use a PDA. nahhs, it's okay, just let me know then i return you your phone. it's not a big deal anyway.

sighhs. choices are limited but decisions have to be made. i just can't help it but she's making me look at all her flaws. if only i'm blinded with no feelings. she's good but she's bad too. he's good but bad too. sighhs. tell me!
hate this feeling but i don't want her assumptions to be correct. can you stop it?!? sighhs. how am i suppose to let you know how you make one feel? it's not your fault but it's something that shouldn't go on like this either. ahhh! hate it~ hate being confused. damn!
anyway, having tuition again tomorrow. having headaches, do you think i should complete my assignments and sleep late or sleep early and leave the things for tomorrow? tomorrow will be a better day, right?
Jasmine, be optimistic like you always seem to be! yeahs!

anyway, how do people define good leadership? i feel that a good leader shouldn't be only able to lead but also to have people following and leaning from them willingly. respect is the key to most doors. sighhs.

ahh~ i miss JJAR. sighhs. when can we meet up again? she asked me for movies, ended up not going because she said she can't make it and was broke but, she just told me she went to Kbox. -.-
arhhs. my eyes are failing me. to people who might notice, i'm really sorry for looking creepy these days. i can't help it unless i close my them. it's getting out of hand! irritating.
haiis. i wanna watch "Haunted School" anyone interested?!?

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