Saturday, March 17, 2007

JIAO Agnes~ XD

so stupid! urg.
had CS extra lesson on 14th of March then the stupid agnes first force me to accompany her to have lunch then she came over to my house. i dozed off while she was playing my computer then she asked me to take pictures in the end, she took so many candid de lorhhs.
here's REVENGE!!

purposely one lorhhs this Agnes. ask me to take picture then give stupid face and say that she doesn't want to take pictures with me. sobbs. see how cheeky she is! =p

don't see her eyes so "gentle", very mean one lorhs this person. LOLs.

acting shy! LOLs.

guilty conscious!! hahas.

the true Agnes!! JIAO lorhhs! lols.

i don't know what she's doing. hahas.

like weishan lorhhs. act shy!


my shy sister~ LOLs. also act one. XD

she's being bullied too. hahas.

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