Saturday, March 17, 2007

my malay friend, WEISHAN~

weishan arhhs weishan. say i childish. you're ten times more childish then me. you started taking pictures without letting people know and started the posting okay~ =p

anyway, last friday (16o3o7) had AMaths lessons and Mdm Ong treat the whole class to Pizzas and some drumlets from Pizza Hut. guess it really made a hole in her pocket.
*weishan, it's pizza not pizza hut. LOLs.
didn't eat any because we were going to have lunch outside. decided to have it at Cafe Cartel and Weixin came over too. hahas. she's a sweet girl larhhs. unlike her sister, so childish!

and because weishan is childish, she influence the CO people. so pardon us for being childish. XP
first, was the "twist cannot hit" then was the taking of pictures. tsktsktsk. weishan so childish!

todays' STAR of the post, WEISHAN!!

the ice-cream that came with the lunch. i didn't know Cafe Cartel serve great ice cream with nice "cones"

see, weishan's acting shy. she's not like that one lorhhs. tsktsktsk. act only.

there, look at her, so happy to take picture. gary took more but she deleted some. tsk. so mean.

the best part. weixin wrote "i love weishan, NPCONCC" but i felt that the first phrase was kindda gross so made some edits. this looks nicer right? because it's the truth weishan don't wanna admit. but never mind larhhs, we all understand. ^^

don't look at samuel. look at weixin, so cute. smile so sweet. hahas. wonder what she's thinking at that moment.
*sorry larhhs weixin. this is for helping your sis delete the pictures gary took. but don't worry, don't think so much, you're still better than your sis. hahas.

tsk~ sisters. hiding from camera acting shy.

but at least, weixin is so much more better than weishan. hahas. weishan attract our attention, covering her face but actually wanting us to take her picture! XD

yanling and my ice-crem. ^^ yanling was like prasing the ice cream and the cone. -.- like first time eat ice cream. =X hahas.
i sense being doomed on Monday. ohh well, you should understand. Weishan is violent!!
anyway, just to let you know. when weishan is with my beloved Malay friends in class, she just *CLICK you know why? because there's no difference at all. hahas.

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