Tuesday, March 13, 2007

how i wish..

home sweet home. sighs. physics was kindda stupid but at least i manage to really pay a bit attention to that teacher. the teacher's kindda dumb too. LOLs. fancy telling me those things. but too bad, my mother knows about my stuffs, so i'm not afraid of her telling my mother. [: anyway, stupid soohou go and take stupid pictures. i bet he's showing it to NP girls now. -.- jiaxuan didn't come to day too. i'm really worried. sighs. going back to school again for orchestra practice.

sorry weishan. didn't stay back in school, didn't feel like to. don't have anything to do still ask me stay. LOLs. wanted to go out but on second thought, being home is the best.
how i wish my life is a story i write and makeup where nothing goes wrong, where i meet good people, where problems doesn't exist at all and where i can change the story anytime.rather than having it seemed to be all planned where i get fooled again and again feeling nothing but like a total idiot.sighs
must JIAYOU! today's combine practice have to work hard. i target to memorise the whole score by this week, wish me many many luck. ohh yeahs, i broke one string last night while tuning my sister's instrument. she was dumb enough lorhs. orchestra go by 442 but she didn't know then i was actually tuning 435. so stupid. -.- what's more, i keep asking my sister to move away from the string before getting hurt but in the end, the string hit me. -.- all thanks for being a kind soul.

sighs. still have to help mum do her things. so i'll post again tonight maybe. =]

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