Friday, October 24, 2014

Korean Tapas Bar!

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Met up with Karena, Gary and Jolene for a bit last night!

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Miss Karena like crazy!
Finally got to meet this busy bee last night. :)

It took us a while to finalize the place to meet before changing it again. Lol. Attempted to give Gary a surprise at Hougang 1's Delifrance as he was there studying earlier, but by the time we reached Hougang 1, Gary had long gone back home. Nevertheless, we called him up and made him join us to somewhere else (We actually just wanted him to drive us somewhere hahahaha). Settled at Serangoon Gardens and got Jolene to join us too! ^^

We were pacing around the area trying to fina a nice place to hangout. Went a huge round from Ooblong to Ice³ and then back to Ooblong, only to stumble into this new place 'Korean Tapas Bar'. The beer was cheap! So, we went in. xD

The place is pretty cool. Would like to try their other food next time!

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Plum Soju. I had 3 shots because Gary and Jolene were driving and Karena said she had an upset tummy. >:(
I also had another 2 bottles of 'Hite'!

Jolene was concerned if something had happened with all my drinking. Lol. Well.............. nothing huge happened. I just wanted to feel tipsy and get some good sleep. Guess I was still trying to get over the whole replacement thing. :/ But that story for another day.

We caught up with one another over drinks before I had to leave to get some early rest for work today. :( Jolene and Karena continued the night and I was so jealous!

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Hoddeok with icecream and caramelized bananas! :)

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