Saturday, October 18, 2014

My First Floral Top!

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I'm bored. Again. Since I'm bored and had taken quite a handful of pictures (mostly selfies) yesterday, I shall blog another random entry! :D But really, I'm just bored again. :/

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So.... my title.
Here's me being bored at work yesterday in my new top!

My first floral top! Not that it's something amusing, but it's something different for me. My mother insisted on getting one for me because she's bored of my wardorbe. All plain clothes. What's wrong with prefering a plain jane style? They are comfortable and will never go wrong! So yeah. Told you I'm bored, and this is random.

Yesterday was also supposed to be a boring go-home-after-work Friday, but my parents are out of town (YESSSSSA!!) and I wanted to rid my awful nails. So, I got Zylia to head down town with me and get some Manicures done! :D

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Not trying to be mean, but our skin color difference is so distinct in these shots. :X

 photo 20141017_214300_zps6e52463f.jpg  photo 20141017_214303_zps5765ca72.jpg

So we roamed around in town, had dinner at Itacho, did our nails at Far East (bumped into Stephanie there too!) and headed down to Bishan to meet up with Robbin and Yanhua for some drinks!

 photo IMG-20141018-WA0008_zpsce3ff46c.jpg
Sneaky Zylia took a picture of Robbin and I while we were walking to 'Canopy'.

Had just one drink while chilling before we left for home. Simple night. :)




Okay. Bye!

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