Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sugar & I.

 photo 20141018_115116_zpsc2ed6a9b.jpg
I'm bored.

Parents not in town. Sister not at home.

Woke up a little before 12pm today and took some selfies with Sugar for my parents. :P Spammed the family the group conversation and now my blog!!!!!!!!

 photo 20141018_100424_zpsfe587812.jpg

 photo 20141018_114703_zps4f28cee9.jpg

 photo 20141018_115121_zps6f00b19f.jpg  photo 20141018_115126_zps25aff68a.jpg

 photo 20141018_115219_zps52767f31.jpg  photo 20141018_115217_zpsfdd9e7d7.jpg  photo 20141018_115224_zps162f62f2.jpg

Annnnnnnnnnnd now I'm hungry! Ciaos.

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