Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Good Cry

I need a good cry.

These days, I keep feeling this urge, this desire, this need, to cry. I feel this emotion building inside me, and it feels like it can only be released, relieved with tears.

I've had the bluest days, and the pinkest days in a short span of two months. I no longer know what I really feel.

In the day, I'm happy for no reason.
At night, I get emotional for no reason.
In the morning, all I wanna do is cry for no reason.
In the afternoon, I feel energized and motivated for no reason.
At night, I feel this emptiness and urge to wanna cry again.
All, for no apparent reason.

I have no idea if this job is a toll on me unknowingly. But, I don't dread workdays. I willingly reach early to get things done.

All in all, it feels like I need a good cry. Or maybe just a short getaway. Or maybe, I just need a life, get out and go a little crazy. That's when I face a dilemma.

Everyday, I wanna go out because I'm feeling a little lifeless with my daily work then home routine. But, when the clock strikes 6:30pm, all I wanna go and do is home and nothing. I just wanna stone now.

It's past midnight. It's been a while since I allowed myself to sleep past 2330 on a worknight.

Well, goodnight.

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