Monday, April 07, 2014


Today's the day of our family's annual activity........... paying respect to my paternal grandpa at his tomb. We lost him sixteen years ago. I was seven. We were possibly never close... Because I can barely remember anything about my him. Other than his smoking habit and amnesia.

Even though it is a yearly affair, my sister and I are not involved every year; Because the family prefers visiting my paternal grandpa on Mondays to avoid the crazy weekend crowd, during which the both of us usually have school or work. And I guess we're the only two grandchildren that has visited my grandpa most often. :/

Anyway, I felt something weird today.

I caught a glimpse of my teary grandma. When I told my mother about it, she made it sound like I was over-thinking because it has been so many years since my grandpa has left. But.... I don't think I was thinking too much. It is still possible that my grandma feels sad even after all these years. She may not feel it every year but it doesn't mean she won't miss him randomly, right right? Hmmm..

While waiting, I also unknowingly stared at the empty spot right beside my grandpa on his plaque. A supposedly reserved spot for my grandma. The thought of it was just.......... scary.

But I thought...

While we are all busy growing up and learning about life, all the other adults are also preoccupied with growing old and fighting their own war.

Death is everyone's inevitable destination. We just have to make sure we live life to the fullest and be happy everyday. Who knows what's going to happen tomorrow?

A pointless entry because I'm just full of feel right now.

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