Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Home Date With Haniza♥

Just a random update about today because I'm feeling extremely happy and blissful. ^^

Spent an entire day with Haniza today!!! Buying groceries, did yoga together, prepared and cooked lunch, had lunch and watched two movies. It was a simple date at home. ^^ Sadly, we didn't take any pictures together because we were in our home-comfort state, in other words, too cui to take pictures. Hahahaha.

I took pictures of the lunch we prepared and cooked together though! Well.... Haniza did 80% of the cooking while I was just an assistant helping out and updating her with my life. LOL.

 photo 20140409_145852_zps7acd6371.jpg
Our lunch after a sweaty yoga session!
&Yes, that's the silver bowl we got from Korea. xD Kimchi and seaweed is also from Korea. HEHEHEHE. Damn, I miss Korea. T^T

She asked if I was sick of Korean food since I just got back from Korea not long ago. But, no! Hell no!! I don't easily get sick of anything to begin with... Lol. And 11 days of different Korean food surely didn't make me get sick of any! ^^

 photo 20140409_150000_zps59cbc0af.jpg
김치 찌개 (Kimchi Jjigae)
It was seriously freaking delicious! :O
It was so so so good that I had almost two bowls of rice!!!
Also because it was a little spicy la. Lol. Spicy but shiok!!

Thanks to Haniza, I had a cheap (authentic Korean food is relatively expensive here!) but really delicious Korean lunch and also found a new interest in yoga! :D

After lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching Insidious 2 and Dallas Buyers Club. I enjoyed both movies even though Insidious was a bit freaky and Dallas Buyers Club is a little 'heavy'. The day was even more enjoyable because I'd spent it with Haniza. HEHE.

Lets hope to more years together even though we hardly meet; and good luck to the both of us in our job hunts! :D

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