Thursday, April 10, 2014

Double Mint. :D

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Finally met up with Shamyn today since Christmas Eve! :D I can always count on her to blabber nonstop whenever we meet. Hehehehe. She filled me up with everything and anything that has happened since the last time we met. ^^ Also passed her some masks I got from Korea, and she treated me to lunch before we went shopping and beanie hunting! :D

As always, we took plenty of pictures! :D

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 photo P1040225_zpsc0b92130.jpg  photo P1040226_zps63d0f8c7.jpg

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Lunch-ed at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar! :D

 photo P1040208_zpsb8bb68a1.jpg
The not so shiok shiokmaki~
I've been seeing many rave about these........ But.... not shiok leh. :X

 photo P1040209_zps84478956.jpg
Instead, I prefer this plate of fried Udon!

 photo P1040210_zps622a7adc.jpg
Lunch for two~ A little too much!
We didn't finish the shiokmaki in the end. :X

 photo P1040211_zps7f8b3160.jpg
The must-do before we can eat. haha.

After lunch, we headed to the toilet and.............................

 photo photo5_zpsde5a214c.jpg
Camwhored!!! xD

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It's always nice to meet up with this prettyface, to catchup and have a good meal before some camwhoring. xD

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