Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Be The Better Person.

I cannot understand people who absorbs themselves into negativity. Every single one of us has the ability to make a choice. Happy or sad, the earth continue turning and life goes on. Dwelling in negativeness will never get you anywhere; so whine about it, stop harping on it, get over and move on.

It's really really annoying to me when someone who's able-d and healthy complains how life is bitter and tough or how life sucks. SERIOUSLY.. If you're not in the state that you want to be in, work hard to achieve what you wanna do and where you wanna go. Not like self pity is gonna take you anywhere, does it?

In life, every one of us is bound to meet an asshole. Instead of being angry and hating them, take them as a lesson. I've met my fair shares of assholes, doing shit behind my back and stabbing me while I'm being all nice*.

But, I've come to learn that being mad at them or hating them doesn't change the fact that they were bad to me and by hating them, I'm constantly being reminded of the pain/hurt.

So instead, I've learnt to be a better person. Whether or not someone is being an ass to you, whatever shit they do, take it in and learn how to avoid those shit while continue being nice to them. Yes, being nice to them. Not being two-faced because I genuinely treat people the way humans should be treated. Because I believe I don't have to stoop low to their level and treat them the way they treat me. Even if it's not worth it.

But there's one kind of people I can never ever stand; Liars. Fucking liars. Whether is it you hiding the truth, or exaggerating a story/episode, or just lying, you're unforgivable. While I may not necessary be mean or awful to liars, there's two things I'll definitely do to them. Shoot them down on the bullshit they say or try to make them a fool out of themselves. Liars will always get caught. Because you need ten other lies to cover up one. And if one enjoys exaggerating stories to benefit themselves, it turns out like a joke. Because you know the truth but let them perform their own show anyway.


So......... Here's another entry I'd drafted way back in February. It ended up collecting webs in my email because publishing it right away would make it too obvious who and what I was referring to. :X Of course, I also end up forgetting about this until now~~~~

But I guess these drafts are helping me fill my blog while I continue my days doing nothing but watch dramas. :X I've applied for a few jobs and is currently waiting for responses. :/ In the meantime, I've been spending my days really wisely............. Catching up with too many dramas. LOL!

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