Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Ever Laughter!

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Had an extremely good laugh for, approximately, 150 minutes with the family last night. All 13 comedians were hilarious!! It's been a while since I've laughed so hard till my hip and head hurt so so so bad. It was really quite bad, but the pain was all worthwhile. lol.

I was especially looking forward to Mark Lee's act because I never thought he'll be doing something like this... Especially in English. Not bad for a first timer though! Adrian Pang was really funny too... &I'm going to repeat what I blogged last year about Gurmit Singh..... It's weird listening to Adrian Pang cuss also! But I guess it makes his act a lot more funny and refreshing. When will we ever get to hear these actors cuss and swear, right? lol.

It's our second time going for "Happy Ever Laughter" and I hope it'll become an annual thing for the family! To have a good laugh together. ^^

I'm also really glad that my sister and I paid for the tickets this time. NO CHEAPEST TICKETS and watch them from too far away. It is somewhat true that visuals isn't that important for standup comedies........... But it makes the entire experience a lot more enjoyable! Being able to see them a little closer is so much better than trying to make up their expressions because we're too freaking far from the stage. =,=

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Happy face during the intermission! :D

We were looking forward to Kumar's jokes the most. But for me.... His act kindda fell flat. :/ Isn't as funny as his other acts we've watched in the past. Maybe because the rest were really good this time? Like... really really good.

I really loved the jokes by Pam Oei, Judee Tan, Sebastian Tan, Siti Khalijah (seriously her kakak song!!!! lolol) and Rishi~~ Of course, everyone else were as good! Just that these five stood out the most for me... And Kumar's not one of them. :/ It could also be due to my exhaustion. Since Kumar was the last comedian, I kindda got too tired. Lol.

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Anyhow,,, it was still a fantastic night out with the family.
We all had an extremely good time laughing and exercising our abdomen muscles. Lol.

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The meaning to life is to find joy in it. No matter what adversity we face, it's always good to take life a little lightly. We only live once.

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