Thursday, April 03, 2014

Realistic And Generous.

While clearing up my email draft box, I found this.... entry I'd wanted to blog earlier this year. I wondered why I didn't go ahead to publish this until I recall...... it's because I didn't complete my train of thoughts and dozed off. lol.


M​y parents, especially my mother, has left me really puzzled after this Lunar New Year.

When​ever​​ ​people ask me how I manage my money or any​​​thing financially​​ ​related, I would always mention that my mother is a very realistic person.​

I'm going to be repaying the bank 3/4 of my University fees. I've long started paying my own phone bills since I turn 16 (&I'm very proud of this). And my mother has passed down one of my insurance accounts and two of my savings+investment accounts to me when I turn ​19​/21.​ She would very often openly tell us when she want us to pay this or that, and how much she wants for household allowance when we start work.​ She makes it very clear to us even before we start studying or working.​​ ​Of course, all these expectations come with her explanations and whatnot.

​​Yes, my mother is realistic ​and clearly​ draw the lines ​when it comes to money. But this, to me, is a very very very good way of 'teaching'.​

Because, I know of people my age or older who still have their parents pay for their phone bills, insurance and savings/investment accounts. Some of whom still feeds 100% off their parents. I know of friends who grumbles about how their parents are unwilling to pay for their University school fees. &I have friends who are extremely generous with themselves but horribly stingy with their parents (really the worse kind of people).

Towards all these people, honestly, a little part of me looks down on them.

We are already passed 21. Officially an adult.

At this age, we all want to be treated like adults. Be given the freedom and power. And yet, many many of us still don't act like how we want to be regarded as. Adults.

Managing our own money and paying our own bills is one part of growing up.

​A responsibility adults have. ​Wanting to be treated like adults and yet still getting money from parents? Well, that's a very adult thing to do.​ ​

​Now that I'm thinking about it.... My mother is giving me the power and freedom only in terms of managing my own finance and is still dead strict and overly protective of me! Whuuuuut. I should start demanding for more freedom since I'm being regarded as an adult financially right right right? lol.

Anyway, back to the main point.

The thing that my mother does that has puzzled me is her ability to be so adequately realistic and yet so very very generous with people.

Our family is not very well off. We just get by just fine. But, both my parents are very very generous and open-minded when it comes to money. They don't hesitate to make donations or to help people as much as they can. ​

Watching them generously ​give​​ to others while wanting us to meet their realistic expectations have taught me the concept and value of money.​

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