Tuesday, July 02, 2013


First half of 2013 has already passed. So fast.

This means that school is starting soon too. Very soon.

Next week, in fact.

My mind didn't register that school is already starting next week until my Dad asked about it this morning. I got a shock when he reminded me that the 8th of July is just next week. Next Monday.

I'm not prepared...
I'm not prepared for school.
I'm not prepared for the last semester. 
I'm not prepared to graduate. 
I'm not prepared to restart work life thereafter.
I'm just... not prepared.

There's only one sole reason why I'm reluctant to start the last semester: Graduation.

How I wish I'd opted to study for 3 years so I won't have to start work until much later.
Then again, it's something I have to face with sooner or later. :/

I'm still so very clueless about what I want to do and where I want to go. My parents are encouraging me to try out statboard or some jobs in the government sector. 
Ah. Some paths to choose from. Still, I'm pretty clueless.

Maybe, I should just go with my gut feeling.
Live fearlessly and continue to search for what I love until I find it.
We need to fall and fail to know better of what we want and have greater appreciation when we finally succeed, yes?

For now, I just need to get used to sleeping early.
&Oh! Print notes for school. >< ps: I'm also not prepared to grow up.

Owwwww. On a random sidenote, it's only the start of July but I'm so freaking broke and in so much debt. ;___; must.save!