Sunday, June 30, 2013

Too Much Perfections In Life.

Someone predicted that my future would be somewhat saddening - because it might be filled with quarrels with my future partner due to my perfectionist trait.

To be exact, the person didn't really say that. Instead, a family story on TV was pointed out and said that my life would be similar.

So.... It's somewhat saying the same. :/

Now, I can't sleep because of that comment.


Another sign of being a perfectionist? Because I wanna know what and why he thinks that way so I'll be aware and improve... And him not being able to tell me is driving me insane.

Somehow. :/

Then again, I think I'm more sad that he thinks I'll end up living a life filled with plenty of fights.

It makes me think and reflect the kind of person I am..

To have someone think that I would be involved in many quarrelling episodes somehow explains that I'm.......... spiteful(?) and hard to get along. Somehow!

And if it's because I have too much perfections in my life, it means the problem would highly be me, yes?


The thought of it is just upsetting. Lol.

Of course, he might just be wrong because he doesn't know me as well anymore (lol xp maybe la!).

I asked my sis.

She says I am in many areas somewhat a perfectionist because I want the best. Somewhat only!

Then I told her the reason for the random question.

She comforted me and say it boils down to how I handle things and she doesn't think I'll be that bad. Lol!!!

I actually thought I'm quite open-minded and unhateful.

Hmmm. Maybe I should watch my behaviour and be less spiteful! :/

Am I acting like a perfectionist, trying to improve myself again? Lol.

I just hate the idea of not doing or being my best.


Okay. I have to admit I'm a perfectionist, but I don't wanna always quarrel. :((

Hmmm. I wonder what my other friends think.. :/

Oh wells...

We'll just have to see how things unfold by then. And maybe, I'll just stay single. LOL.

So much for my happy ending.