Wednesday, July 10, 2013


After procrastinating for the longest timeee, I'm finally seated down to do an entry with many overdue pictures!!! I'm still feeling a little lazy, but I'm updating anyway so I can clear all the overdue to proceed to last night's celebration and the coming one tomorrow. xD

School has finally started and I'm finally done with the first week with 6 lessons over the span of 3 days! Two 3-hour lessons a day is totally a killer and it's even worse when it's three days straight. I've never felt so tired constantly before. x,x

Anyho~ School has been fine so far! Especially since I have Wei Shan with me. heheeh.

Okay, enough typing~ Pictures talking!
Really random pictures! <3

 photo 20130708_080913_zpseb6d9add.jpg
First day of school with our junior Neo. xD

 photo 20130708_080927_zpsbc3ad065.jpg

 photo 20130708_081006_zpsdf681fc5.jpg

 photo 20130701_175201_zps72dba38a.jpg
When Sugar start looking messy~

 photo 20130626_221304_zps1a706621.jpg
My sis will trim trim her fur. :D

 photo 20130626_221142_zpsf694f6ee.jpg

 photo 20130626_221310_zps403d372a.jpg

 photo 20130626_221353_zps7de79f6b.jpg
This Sugar so relaxed hor!

 photo 20130630_163354_zpsf60f1d2f.jpg

 photo 20130630_163447_zps8f1548cb.jpg
^^ With Jiejie Diane!

 photo 20130627_222734_zps6a322c31.jpg

 photo 20130705_200446_zps730c7070.jpg
The family day we bought balloons to play with. :x

 photo 20130705_200552_zps93c7751e.jpg

 photo IMG_20130705_204047_zpsc37745be.jpg

When we brought the balloons home, Sugar kept barking and making hell lot of noise! But, my sister got a random idea to tie one of the balloons on her and that kept her quiet. muahaha.

 photo IMG_20130705_204057_zpsf4a54cb9.jpg

 photo IMG_20130705_204617_zps2a81eb3f.jpg
Happy Sugar is happy!

 photo 20130706_234352_zps49eb1a64.jpg
A night out with clique!
Changi Airport Starbucks!

 photo 20130706_2344010_zps03f4ddc5.jpg

 photo 20130706_234401_zps45174df8.jpg

 photo 20130706_2344030_zpsf3efd925.jpg

 photo 20130707_000334_zps0af23ee4.jpg
Handsome suitup Lance!

 photo 20130707_000752_zpsa7188e6e.jpg

 photo 20130707_000920_zps62235b1a.jpg

&Then we drove off to HQ, aka my house. hehe.
Jolene was showing us her ride on a convertible and Karena and I didn't wanna lose so we faked it. xD

 photo 20130707_002253_zps613e1e77.jpg

 photo 20130707_002316_zpse8c6b365.jpg

 photo 20130707_002324_zps5009f5c1.jpg
We actually only opened the car window. hurrrr.

 photo IMG-20130613-WA0002_zpsd5c0eb3f.jpg
More Sugar!

 photo IMG-20130613-WA0001_zps96187125.jpg

 photo IMG-20130613-WA0000_zps7f326d9e.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0004_zpsead78334.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0003_zpsaf3b5102.jpg

The trick only my sis can do~

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0002_zps784ee190.jpg

 photo 2013-07-02-20-27-41_photo_zps2c7c2580.jpg

Impromptu dinner with Emily!

 photo 2013-07-02-20-26-24_photo_zps61be6ea0.jpg

 photo 2013-06-04-22-45-52_deco_zps9994ca42.jpg
This is really overdue~
Jolene and I no longer has this hair color. :O

 photo 20130626_203453_zpsb3cc86f9.jpg
Great night out with Emily and Lim Guan some time ago too.

 photo 20130703150327076_zps346ba36e.jpg

 photo 20130703150259450_zps0588a81a.jpg
Missing my crazy color hair.

 photo 20130705_200408_zps7c3c7236.jpg

 photo 20130705_200449_zps258b34d3.jpg
Okay, bye. :D