Monday, July 15, 2013

3 Birthdays In A Week!! ♥

So.............. I've procrastinated enough and am finally back to update!! ^^

My initial plan was to do separate entries for each birthday celebration but butt butts,,, I got lazy :x Turns out, I had three advanced birthday celebrations in the week!! :DD

I was really enthusiastic to update two nights ago, but photobucket decides to be an ass and block all my pictures because I had supposedly exceeded my bandwidth. T^T Anyhow, it was stated that my bandwidth will be reset in a day's time so...... I'm just gonna update first. :D

 photo P1130212_zps4dc53d3d.jpg
Tuesday night with my Happy Pills for Alvin's 22nd!

Among the three advanced celebrations in this entry, Alvin's is the most advanced! His birthday is on the 25th of this month, but because he won't be available for the next few months AT ALL, we had no choice but to bring forward the celebration really early. :(

 photo P1130194_zps3261820e.jpg
Dinner at The Coastal Settlement.

Apparently, Kesslyn and I took more than an hour and walked a really long distance to reach the place! The place is at least 20 minutes walk away from the bus interchange (We later found out there's a... direct bus to somewhere nearer. tsk) and then,,, we found out Alvin drove. ==;;

Should have hitched a ride luh! In the end, Alvin was so early, he waited about an hour for us and the rest to reach. :( Miscommunication!

Ah. But that's not important. ><

 photo P1130196_zpse3d7ce71.jpg

 photo P1130200_zpsaec62b72.jpg
Making sure she covers her nose. lol.

 photo P1130202_zpsb66f18e9.jpg
The birthday boy!

 photo P1130207_zps8e075b74.jpg
The handwriting is pretty bad but this dessert tasted quite interesting.
Interesting in a nice way!

 photo P1130208_zps98e317da.jpg

 photo P1130209_zpsf642c4d9.jpg
Group shot!

 photo P1130214_zpsabdb9985.jpg

 photo P1130215_zps53a710bd.jpg

 photo P1130216_zps436ed718.jpg

 photo P1130217_zps447a6d4e.jpg
Check out busybody Lance being all interested in Kesslyn's conversation with her friend. Tsktsk.

 photo P1130218_zps8b9180b8.jpg

 photo P1130219_zps873131e6.jpg

 photo P1130210_zps5757c114.jpg
^^ ♥

The rest were busy. But, we had a lot of fun anyway!
Because the restaurant is near one of my favourite chalets, I got reminded of the good times and was excited about our Christmas Chalet which led to a good long hour of planning!! Lol.

It was quite insane because everyone started throwing random ideas and making it more like a camp instead of a chalet. LOL. There's going to be video filming, games, gift exchange and maybe even morning P.T!! x,x All the discussion made me even more excited and I can't wait can't wait till then. ^^

 photo P1130211_zps4ee60358.jpg
It was a really good night though it ended early. :)

 photo 20130711_185204_zps53dddd86.jpg
Next up on Thursday, Zylia's one-day advanced celebration!

It was one of the simplest celebrations ever!

We met up really late because there was this really huge downpour that didn't stop until 3pm. Zz Then, we spent the rest of the time just walking around town, shopping and buying things that Zylia wants. I'm happy I got her a lipstick she wants as a gift. ^^

There isn't many pictures either. :/

And I got to meet her bestfriend!! I'm super happy that she has someone close to her because he seems to really know her and treat her genuinely nice. :)

 photo 20130711_185159_zps6699ef04.jpg

 photo 20130711_185217_zps04114b3a.jpg

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 photo 20130711_164838_zps5b2aabbd.jpg

 photo 20130711_211311_zps541663c1.jpg

 photo 20130711_211501_zpse4850c33.jpg

 photo 20130712_225132_zps4c27e6e5.jpg
&Last but not least, Guan's birthday surprise on Friday!

Her mother planned the surprise, inviting us to her place after 10pm and preparing everything else! We were just suppose to appear. Lol. It was supposedly a housewarming but her mum made the event even warmer by surprising her. Awwww....

It was not only memorable for Guan but me too though! >< Before the surprise, I met up with Lance and Weishan for dinner at Queensway. Yes, Queensway and for Zi Char. It was nice though. (But then again, everything is nice to me. >< hurrr)

 Anyway, we later went to NEX to get wine as a housewarming gift for Guan's mother. Lance also drove me to her place. A block away though... I guess I looked lost because a random guy came up to me and asked if I was lost. Lol.

 The experience was rather scary, weird and yet funny?

 Because the place is rather new, there were many areas that were still under renovation. The guy who approached me was pretty big built, so when he led me to some place that was blocked, I got a little bit intimidated.

 But, he seemed nice because he mentioned I shouldn't wander around alone at night when there are many foreign workers around.. So, I wasn't that scared.

Weird thing was, as we continued to have a conversation, he asked where I lived, where I was living and even offered to drive me home. Lol. Nice gesture but just... weird? Guan's place is really far from the area with public transport or the main road though, so it was understandable. Luckily, I saw Emily and Fredrick when he asked for my number. So, phew...

Though a weird experience, it doesn't win the bus incident where some random man passed me a slip of paper that reads "You are gorgeous" with his name and number. >< Awkkkkkward.



I've passed bedtime.

 Goodnight! ♥