Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another Last Day.

Today's another last day of work at MCBI. It's the third time now, even I find it funny when I said my goodbyes today. lol.

It's been almost 2 years since I'd joined the company as a permanent staff and then left for studies before going back twice for part time work. Hurrrr. I'm happy though, getting to earn some extra cash during semester break, working with people I'm already familiar with. :)

Anywayz, the past two days have been nice! Celebrating a colleagues' birthday and meeting with Zylia again for lunch because she finally found a better job and is only a street away from MCBI!!! Sadly, we could work that close for only 3 days. :( And the worse thing is, I couldn't have a last lunch with her today!!!!!! T^T

I'm so gonna miss the fish soup again. xD

 photo 20130715_082259_zps442709e2.jpg

 photo 20130715_082235_zpsefc466e6.jpg

 photo 20130715_084525_zpsf9bc0c6f.jpg  photo 20130715_084508_zpsb0e44ad2.jpg

 photo 20130715_082301_zpsd350b0e7.jpg

 photo 20130716_131343_zpsd7e31938.jpg  photo 20130716_131347_zps337ec0a1.jpg

 photo 20130716_131352_zps0c3861a3.jpg  photo 20130716_131636_zpsb4bf013b.jpg

 photo 20130716_131641_zpscde8ff48.jpg  photo 20130716_131645_zpsbb1f9e1c.jpg

 photo 20130716_131650_zps17d3516d.jpg  photo 20130716_131654_zps855503d7.jpg

&School starts again tomorrow, let's go! ^^