Monday, July 22, 2013

A Family Weekend. :D

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Hi helloooooooooo~ ^^
It was a fantastic family weekend with my................. uh.. family. lol.
Went for "Army Daze" and some Wind Symphony concert on Saturday and Sunday!

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Saturday's Army Daze

The stage that look like a screen (to me at least).

The show was nice but it wasn't as good as we'd expected.
There were plenty of funny funny moments though. Especially with Zhou Chong Qing and EnLai. xD

Still, there were some scenes that kindda..... fell flat? :/
Personal opinion! Since I see a lot more people raving about how good it is.

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&Concert on Sunday!

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So bloody far for theater shows and so goddamn near for concerts.
My mother is insane. LOL.

Honestly, I actually thought I might feel bored or sleepy during the concert.
I have never been so wrong.
The concert was so good and entertaining!!
Especially when there were people singing.

The vocals were fantastic!
To whoever says Singapore doesn't have any local talents, you are absolutely wrong wrong wrong!
Just because commercialized talents aren't all fantastic doesn't necessarily mean there isn't any.
There are certainly hidden gems in Singapore! ♥

Best part of the concert? Dick Lee singing his favorite song and the popular "Fried Rice Paradise".
Only two songs but it was really good!

Waaaa... I wonder where I've been living having not attend ANY of his musical!
He has 15 and another 3 coming up. :O
Maybe one day, I'll find someone who's interested in such shows as I am. ^^

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Fun times, fun times with ze family. ♥