Friday, July 26, 2013

The Addams Family~~ :D

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Yesterday was a nice night out with my sister. ^^ Met up with her at Vivo City in the evening for dinner, some quick shopping, pet-staring xD and some fruit tarts before heading down to the theater.

There are a few ways to enter Sentosa, but my sister chose the most expensive one - The tram. LOL. It's freaking $4 right now luh! Madness.

So..... The musical was really good. Enjoyed my time entirely!

But, I was disappointed with the stage.
The theater is small to begin with but the musical's staging was quite far back leaving a significant space from the front unnecessarily(?) :( Instead of looking at pencil size them, we end up seeing ant size them. :( "Wicked" staging was far far better. Ah. Miss that musical.

Our seats were pretty good though. Right smack in the middle from the front and side. :D

Could have taken pictures with the cast but we decide to save money on their show booklet. xD

And oh oh! I was sad that Wednesday Addams was in a short hair and not two ponytails. :(

If there's a chance, I would catch it again. ^^