Sunday, June 23, 2013

Night Out With New MCBI Girls! ^^

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Wednesday night was supposedly a night out with farmanimals but things were postponed.

Instead, I headed out with some of my colleagues for the night.

Two years ago, I was one of the two youngest staffs in MCBI. This time, I'm the oldest with this group of friends. T^T
Time passes so fast.

ANYWAYZ, it was a good night despite the crazy PSI 290 haze reading. Burnt stench was really strong, and Orchard was really hazy but it didn't seem to stop that many people from continuing their night out in town!
ps: No longer crazy with the new PSI high at 401.

Had dinner before going for some good quick shopping at F21 and H&M!

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Here we have Mei Hua (new girl taking my previous job), Huiling, Kelly, (myself), Carmen and Yang Jing!
Other than Yang Jing who's an intern, the rest are in the data entry department.

I'm glad to have them at work now that office is without Shamyn and Jasmine.
Fun people! ^^

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The kanchiong spider and the noisiest! Super hyper and loud!
But fun and really outgoing.

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The night ended pretty early because these girls needs enough sleep for work. LOL.

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My didn't end as early though.
Met up with my sister thinking we could cab home.
End up taking train back anyway.

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&Here's a picture of sister and I with mask on that night.
The haze is currently a huge issue.

Twitter becomes filled with complains about the haze and, retweets about the current PSI readings and occasion news reports. Instagram becomes flooded with hazy pictures because people wanna share what they see or make jokes out of the situation. Not forgetting their selfshots with their masks on (this isn't that bad though, at least I get to see their face. xD). Lastly, according to Gary, Facebook was also turned into a Hazebook. Lol.

What I don't understand is why people have to constantly complain about the haze. Like every single day. Complaining about how bad it is and............... how bad it is. ==; Because apparently, their joint effort in throwing a huge fit isn't helping the situation at all. :/ Haze makes our body heaty due to the heat... Instead of trying to avoid falling sick, these people are creating more heat in their body by being angry about the situation. lol.

Also, the complains about Government not issuing the no work order.... :/ It's honestly not that bad to have to stop the entire country from working, in my opinion, unless one is suffering really badly from the haze. Because, most people work in an air-conditioned office which makes the haze more bearable! Isn't it? :/ (Of course not talking about NS)

And I find it funny how so many people is trying to take a snap shot of their hazy view because.................. everyone is experiencing the same damn thing. Lol. Then again, I guess they are taking the pictures to safe-keep(?) and maybe share with people in other countries.

Some Singaporeans are just so whiny and weird.

ps: I'm just weird. Not whiny. xD

I'm glad the haze has cleared out quite a bit today and I hope it'll remain at an acceptable level till the end of this whole thing.