Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3 Days in Malacca

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Hello! Here's me with my new green luggage. heheheehehe.

Last week, parents and I had a mini getaway to Malacca. Sister didn't join because she wasn't interested in Malacca and had some school work to finish. It was a really pleasant time together with the family~ People kept telling me there are many many good food in Malacca but........... as usual, I didn't get to go out much. LOL!

First lunch and dinner was at the hotel. Two breakfasts were also at the hotel. We also had KFC for lunch the second day and patronized Hard Rock Cafe on our last night. :) I'm not complaining though, good food nevertheless! But but, I kindda lost my appetite during and after that trip. :/

I wasn't in the mood to explore Malacca also. My mind was set on relaxing. xD My sis had also told me there was nothing much. So, we spent most of the time at the hotel and at the only two malls there is in Malacca. Still, it was a great time because my parents were with me. hehehe. Also because the hotel is so freaking nice! First time in a 5-star hotel and it was really good because everyone was smile-ly and nice everyday! :DD

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At the rest stop!

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The book I finally started resading
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After 4 short hours of bus ride, we're finally here!!!

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From the other side!

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The place we rested while the reception does the check-in for us! ^^

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Pictured Karena doing her photoshoot here. It is really pretty!

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The pool is super duper clean!
I have never felt like swimming so much before. Lol.
But it tasted weird. wth.

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Something went wrong with my camera. :(

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Welcome drink!

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Shaved ice lemon. Sour but refreshing!

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Happy Father is happy. xD

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Here's the best way to explore Malacca, by Rickshaw!
(Yeah, we didn't go on it... lol)

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Took us a while to finally get to see our room!

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View outside our room!
Not fantastic but it is nice because it isn't the usual indoor type.

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I like the interior~
This area is after going down a short flight of stairs from the entrance with a big toilet.

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View from the balcony!!!!

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Happy Father is happy again! hehehe.

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The TV that we caught a few good shows on!
There's even this romance movie that made my dad tear. hahahha.
(dammit, I can't remember the show title right now. T^T)

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View from our balcony!

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Never got a chance to stone at the balcony. :(

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The toilet~

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Toilet that sees the bedroom!

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&The rubber ducky they gave!

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Because I really like their style!

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Wardrobe beside the entrance and toilet!

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Street of Malacca~

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First night dinner!

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Super coolz!
On our first night, there was fireworks right outside!!!!!! :O

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Super hot weather but not as humid here.

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Live Band~!

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Ahh! One thing I like about Malacca is, they are smoke free! (Y)! Lol.
But the air was pretty polluted. :/ (I think it's the haze; Terrible in Singapore today!)

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My cute cute parents. HEHE.

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Our last meal!

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Hotel has good breakfast!
On top of buffet, we could order Ala Carte too!

 photo 2013-06-13-09-54-38_deco_zpsab440c91.jpg
Eggs Benedict!

 photo 2013-06-14-10-04-29_deco_zps14c81d88.jpg

 photo 2013-06-14-10-08-09_photo_zpsccf2bcc4.jpg
Big Breakfast!

 photo 2013-06-14-00-11-51_photo_zps42a6c220.jpg
Must share! Super nice Strawberry tart from some shop in one of the malls! :D
I feel sad that I didn't get the chance to taste their crepe cake though. Sobs.

My best buy from Malacca was their hairdye!
It is only 20RM for the color and 5RM for the developer!!!!
And since I'm going to color the bleached part, I only used half! Which means I'd spent only 12.50RM on the dye~~ Which is only 6SGD OMG!!! To think I spend 30SGD here for one color. WALAO.
But okay la, they don't have crazy colors. Sob.s

 photo 2013-06-15-01-24-16_photo_zps9f76b837.jpg  photo 2013-06-15-01-24-00_photo_zpsdff4db60.jpg

 photo 2013-06-15-01-23-34_photo_zps8edddf40.jpg  photo 2013-06-15-01-20-59_photo_zps6b4018ec.jpg
Still a good buy. xD

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Father's Day cake!

 photo 20130616_000445_zpseda39754.jpg
They now have this! So cool!

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