Monday, June 17, 2013

Tutor and Students.

Last week was a great week.. A day before going to Malacca, I met up with Guan, Emily, Xiuqing and Ying Ling (after a reaaaaally long time) for a dinner at Plaza Singapura. ^^ Had nana's green tea and I'm in love with their Red Bean Latte!!!!!!!! ^^

And, two days before going to Malacca, I met up with Pinky with my sister and some of her friends who were also her student back then! :3

Had Peperoni Pizzas for dinner and then dessert at Salted Caramel with lots of funny conversations and laughter! ^^

It's amusing how Pinky explained to her 11 year old students about baby making. LOL.

Anywayz, pictures! ^^

I brought along my camera but apparently, we didn't use it at all. lol.

 photo 2013-06-10-19-42-40_photo_zps4483bf62.jpg
21 inch pizza that's bigger than Shuying's face!

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0024_zps0a66c0d8.jpg
The Asian mental disease. lolol.

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0023_zps9aea52b2.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0022_zps5a0e4991.jpg

Pinky and I thought the pizza was enough but it wasn't.
The kids ordered pasta to fill up the tummy. :D

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0021_zps628858c8.jpg
Squid Ink pasta.
Very nice~

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0020_zps72e8c146.jpg
Carbonara that was normal~

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0019_zpsf5ab7d99.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0018_zps652c9257.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0016_zpsbbdc37f9.jpg

Funny when she suddenly tried to take pictures at the traffic light and then when the light turn green, the girls behind started screaming... ?! lol.

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0015_zps9a8e69ab.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0014_zpsf8307de3.jpg

 photo IMG_20130610_221858_zps7efcef49.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0013_zps44ea6c11.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0012_zps0313f5aa.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0011_zps0daf0455.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0009_zpsdd8f4d04.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0007_zpsaeaf9bf3.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0006_zps9269e92b.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0005_zpsace08349.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0001_zps7d633963.jpg

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0010_zpsf7403215.jpg

It was good to finally meet Pinky again after our dinner 2 years ago. :)

 photo IMG-20130611-WA0017_zps0ca1fc95.jpg

Okay, bye. xD