Monday, June 10, 2013


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First & only mascot we took pictures with!

Yesterday was a fun-tabulous day with the clique at Universal Studio Singapore!! ^^

After talking about it for the longest time, we finally woke up early and visited the theme park! :D It is pretty unusual for us to meet up early these days, and even more rare for us to go for activities like these... But, thanks to their new student promotion, we finally made plans to visit USS together! ^^ (A pity not the full strength was present. sobs.)

I was super excited that I couldn't sleep the night before. Karena was sharing the same excitement~~ LOL! We're like kids. I have a good explanation though! Because my last visit was rather brief, I will consider yesterday's visit my first, and on top of that, it was with my favourite people! Of course I'll be exceptionally excited!!! :D

The day started with a heavy downpour though........ :(( But I'm glad our mood weren't dampened by the weather and had went ahead to meet up anyway. kek.

Though we met up slightly later than planned, we had a heavy breakfast at Long John Silvers before proceeding~ Bus-ed down and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah........................

Good weather and a crowded theme park! :D

 photo P1120424_zpse725d9c1.jpg
The only shot of the globe.
Pity we didn't take pictures with it. :(
But since we have our seasonal pass, we'll make sure we'll go down again just for that shot. LOL.

 photo P1120419_zpsdd27599d.jpg

Jolene and Gary got their seasonal pass a week before the rest of us. BUT!! We were super lucky because there was this other promotion going on where 2 of us could join RWS Invites and enjoy more benefits on top of the season pass AT THE SAME PRICE. Muahahahahha. xD

Purchase of the package took longer than expected though. ==;

Okay! This is going to be another picture-post because there's not much words that can describe all the fun that we had!! (Yeah, and I'm quite lazy right now. :x) So, I'll just leave it to the pictures (&some captions) to complete this entry! :D

 photo P1120420_zpsc44da870.jpg

 photo P1120421_zps04e5f7f6.jpg
Excited still!

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 photo P1120426_zps75237135.jpg

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 photo P1120431_zps7f3114d2.jpg

 photo P1120432_zpsb9c5b30d.jpg

 photo P1120435_zps746c82c6.jpg
To process our seasonal pass! (Y)!

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 photo P1120439_zps088d0075.jpg

 photo P1120441_zps76c85f97.jpg

 photo P1120442_zpsece99066.jpg

 photo P1120446_zps312b322d.jpg

 photo P1120448_zps1aafbe70.jpg
Cards on the one with the shorters arm...

 photo P1120449_zps5a92b66c.jpg

 photo P1120452_zps40c4d542.jpg

 photo P1120453_zps2790ee40.jpg

 photo P1120454_zps15a9ef47.jpg

 photo P1120455_zps337a8bf9.jpg

 photo P1120463_zps7d7d673b.jpg

 photo P1120466_zps84b1b75d.jpg
Conquered both with the clique!
The last time I was there, these were my first 2 rides.
But yesterday, it was after a few rounds of "Mummy". xD
They still make me tired though. &I only rode them once. LOL!

 photo P1120469_zps43c0eafc.jpg

Didn't have time to make GIFs but pay attention to Lance in the next three shots.
Super cute. He look like a monkey (imo) in the last picture. LOL.

 photo P1120470_zps6d79d614.jpg

 photo P1120471_zpsc10d3b7b.jpg

 photo P1120472_zps52f0319b.jpg

After that shot, we proceeded to "Mummy" and then Battlestar before roaming around, a kiddy ride, more group shots and then lunch!

 photo P1120476_zps6901f6c8.jpg

 photo P1120477_zps7fdf38a3.jpg

 photo P1120478_zps96a08299.jpg

 photo P1120480_zpsc22cf931.jpg
Sesame Street ride!

 photo P1120481_zps1d177f63.jpg

 photo P1120483_zps15d0a5f4.jpg

 photo P1120484_zps4b018b92.jpg

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 photo P1120493_zpseec51cad.jpg

 photo P1120494_zps9fc12f4e.jpg

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 photo P1120507_zpsa0ff5cb5.jpg

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 photo P1120530_zps8ffa10eb.jpg

 photo P1120532_zps7ce0599a.jpg
Spotted another mascot!!!! xD

 photo P1120533_zps08357695.jpg

 photo P1120537_zps1965b545.jpg

 photo P1120534_zps5c4c97fe.jpg

 photo P1120538_zps76fe2cb8.jpg

 photo P1120535_zps252d292e.jpg

 photo P1120536_zps3806c8c0.jpg

The next three shots super cute also! HEHE.

 photo P1120544_zps649d61ff.jpg

 photo P1120547_zps0038c59c.jpg

 photo P1120548_zps5f20786c.jpg

 photo P1120549_zps2a5c42e9.jpg
Lance and his funny expressions... lol.

 photo P1120550_zpsa1e189b7.jpg

 photo P1120551_zps1f689ded.jpg

 photo P1120556_zps99a2f7ea.jpg

 photo P1120557_zps93096b26.jpg

 photo P1120560_zps1a4f2dec.jpg
Everyone was pretty tired from the rides that we decide to play "Black & White" to choose who'll buy the food!

 photo P1120561_zps240f389b.jpg
Guess who were chosen! hehe.

 photo P1120564_zps06f1a84d.jpg

 photo P1120569_zps2aab1e41.jpg
Jojo at it again! Finishing two plates of soup. xD

 photo P1120571_zpsf1794d7b.jpg
Server #1
(Karena was the other)

 photo P1120572_zpsac4c64b1.jpg

 photo P1120573_zps32bb45a1.jpg

 photo P1120574_zps794e7c37.jpg
Because slicing a pizza is just too mainstream! :3

 photo P1120578_zps352babd3.jpg

 photo P1120581_zps47f64666.jpg

 photo P1120582_zps0d9008fe.jpg
Transformer was good!

And then we went for the Jurassic Water ride. Lance didn't have a good feeling about it and wasn't that interested because he didn't wanna get wet. We persuaded him to anyway and...................

 photo P1120583_zps42d2707b.jpg
He was right about his bad feeling. LOL.

I was one of the wettest though. Walao.

I wanted to ride it the second time because despite being wet it was really fun! Besides, we were already wet...
And then, I was even more wet. Needless to say, Lance's pants were soaked. LOL!
Gary was super lucky though. Two times and he didn't get wet. TSK.

Ah, Samuel left to book-in after the first round. Life of an NS men. lol.

 photo P1120584_zpsd89d3890.jpg

 photo P1120585_zps4bec7484.jpg
Weishan and my hair look like we just got out of a bath. LOL.

 photo P1120586_zps5ef66dae.jpg

 photo P1120588_zps668ad034.jpg

 photo P1120590_zps1ff07ee9.jpg

 photo P1120592_zpsddd9d71a.jpg

 photo P1120593_zps9643461d.jpg

 photo P1120596_zps71019e54.jpg

 photo P1120598_zpsd6f96e34.jpg
Good times pass really fast, don't they?
It was evening time really fast.

 photo P1120599_zps8e563340.jpg
&Here's a shot of the clique's cheapskates heading in to the service counter to get their kiddy Birthday goodies! LOL.

 photo P1120451_zps2489cde0.jpg

 photo P1120492_zps0ad69688.jpg

 photo P1120509_zps6e018f12.jpg

 photo P1120510_zps84033566.jpg

 photo P1120444_zps93808805.jpg

 photo P1120558_zpsfb26b287.jpg

 photo P1120475_zps2b2d98f0.jpg

 photo USS5101B34F126027uss551b57d2e9c628606695472_zpsa5dfd63e.jpg
Lance bought the hardcopy and we got the softcopy! ^^

 photo P1120591_zpsb0019c3b.jpg

 photo P1120597_zps4864dc73.jpg

 photo P1120462_zpsc9303031.jpg