Sunday, June 09, 2013

Lance's Belated 22nd Birthday Celebration! ^^

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Met up with my favourite bunch yesterday to celebrate Lance's 22nd! ^^
Needless to say, it was an evening filled with plenty of laughters! :)

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Our kiddo with his Icecream cake!

Despite the heavy rain, Weishan Yanling and I met up at NEX to get Lance birthday cake from Swenses (Icecream cake is the only cake the clique would actually eat. lol.) We were also suppose to get movie tickets from Shaw but........ no seats~ So we end up booking tickets online from Cathay in AMK Hub!

Later traveled down to Lance's place to keep the cake and wait for slowpoke Jolene before driving down to Liang Court~!

Dinner at Tampopo where we met up with Karena and Gary!!! Everyone was satisfied and full from dinner! :)

After dinner was back to Lance place for some singing and cake cutting before a noisy journey down to AMK Hub for "Now You See Me" with Soohou and Samuel! :D

Anyway, long night short, it was a really good time spent with the clique and I can't wait for tomorrow's outing to USS! ^^


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Drinking tea and adjusting specs.

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Spot the Sponge!

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Super nice!

Everyone finished the sashimi in one bite.

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&Yanling said: "I'm gonna eat it level by level!"

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Things Instagrammers do to cause delay in dinners. xD

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Happy Weishan is happy.

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Only some of our food!
We wanted to make sure we hit the my target of taking 100 pictures for the night but I got lazy after a while, as usual. lolol.

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"So the new trend now is not taking pictures of the food we eat but the people eating the food~"


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All the skinny girls squeezing in the back seat!

AH! Skinny girls and Gary. hehe.

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Chillax at Lance's place, our vice HQ. lol.

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While some sing, the girls arm wrestled again!
It was unbelievable that I lost to Weishan and Jolene the last time, so rematch!!!

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"Omg! I think she was really sick that time!"

Of course I was really sick the last time! How can I actually lose to Weishan! LOL.
Our strength was quite on par though..... Took quite long to finally push Weishan's hand down. xD

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 photo P1120314_zps88ae3f27.jpg
New Challenger!
Weishan says her strength is more stable than mine. :O

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And this new challenger who doesn't know how to play! lol.

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Kiddy cake for our kiddo!

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Happy faces with the icecream cake!
Plate number 1!

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Jolene proceeding to the next plate. hahahha.

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See see!

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Fairly simple entry this time because.........................................


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