Sunday, June 02, 2013

Pillow. :D

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It's been a greaaat week!! heh.

ps: It's a very random entry title because I've ran out of ideas for my weekly updates. ><

To sum it up! The week was great because I've met up with Emily to try something I've wanted for a really long time, met up with my childhood playmates to celebrate Minghong's enlistment in June, and last but not least, randomly meeting up with my favourite people with a nude face IN TOWN. lol.

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Dinner with Emily on Tuesday~

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Looks normal? Lol.

It's photo-shopped.
Because of Emily's great skills, the pictures were originally like that........

 photo IMG-20130528-WA0002_zps2b0139d5.jpg  photo IMG-20130528-WA0003_zps4e02b886.jpg
I was surprised the Photoshop worked. lol.

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One of the best!
But as always, it leaves an aftertaste.

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Desserts after dinner while people watching and catching up! ^^

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Next day with people I've known for all my life!
Again in town and Marche for dinner. ^^

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Last time I'm gonna feel his hair for a while~ xD

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The night was still young and together with sister, we headed down to Taka to get some macaroons. hehe.

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Superb lunch next day!
Real abalone my mum said. :3

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Friday with my favourite people! ♥
There was Lance, Gary, Samuel and Karena! :D
&My face was in a terrible condition because I was just done with facial.
Make-up less. >< Didn't stop me from spending a great impromptu night with my happypills though. hehe.

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Random Sugar picture!

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Okay. I'm tired. heh.