Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Week~

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It's been a good week!

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Necessary insert. hehe.

Apart from being overjoyed with Jonghyun being back with SHINee for their last week of promotion (like finally!), and a little emotional and overwhelmed with their 5th anniversary, the past week has been pretty.... queasy.

It's probably one of the worst experience I've had with my stomach thus far. Was rather bad but yet, meeting up with some friends made it less painful~ ^^

Anyway, I'm just gonna post up the pictures and head to bed.

Work tomorrow. :(

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Made these for Tuesday's lunch on the night before and boy did I regret! lol.
I can never work with my mother and sister in the kitchen together. I would rather die. Seriously.
But anyway, lunch was good. hehe.

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Dinner that night!
Finally satisfied my meatball cravings from Fika!!!! muahahah.

Zylia wasn't as excited with her food though. But I thought it was good. :/

I just realise she's always meh about her food while I'm all "OMG It's good!"
Is it just me being too easily satisfied? Lol.
But seriously, I cannot remember a time she was happy with her food. LOL!

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We had the same course as I had previously did with Shamyn!
Dinner at Fika and then dessert at 3.inch.sin~
We were as rushy with our lava cake because the shop was closing too! Lol.

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And then, the day was usual on Wednesday until I felt all weird in the tummy. It has been happening on and off for quite a while (like since........ Mothers' day?) but it kindda got worse on Wednesday night. And then, I woke up to the same pain on Thursday.
I'm not the kind to visit the doctor because sleeping it off always worked for me. But, my sister say I might have worms in my stomach and that freaked me out. lol. Gave work a miss and headed to the doctors. Medicine isn't as effective though. :/

But I was glad I got the day off. Because Haniza text me in the noon and came to visit and spend the afternoon together. It was really impromptu but I had fun because she finally did my nails. HEHEHE! ♥

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Nail party was what she called it. lol.
It was just her doing my nails and her own though. xD
End up spending the rest of the day watching some Korean Drama.
And thanks to her, I finished the 16 episodes drama in 3 days.
To think I told her I wasn't interested ah. lol.

And oh! Another reason why I was glad my stomach act up~~~~
It was the first performance SHINee was back as 5. hehehehehehe.

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Friday! ^^
It was good that we met up quite late~ Managed to watch another SHINee performance before heading out.
I'm pretty hopeless again, isn't it? xD

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Played pool before some bowling.
Something is wrong with my bowling skills. :(

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Karena's missing because she was back home. :(
We had fun still though. hehe.

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&Here's a bonus picture....

I'm gonna get yelled at for posting this but who cares?

I don't have that many hits on my blog anyway.

Only some precious close friends bother to read it~~~



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Rather funny how his huge head actually fits in Weishan's small face frame!

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