Thursday, June 06, 2013

첫 사랑

It is 2am soon.

Yet, I can't seem to rest my mind with memories replaying nonstop.

As my mind rewinds back in time, I was surprised and impressed with how much I remember. (If only I'm this good with memorizing schoolwork. lol.)

It's been 8 years.

Yet, I can still vividly remember most of the good (&some bad) memories together.

The random kicks under table.
The calls.
The pranks and the jokes.
The bus ride with the unnecessary explanation.
The awkward yet hilarious train ride.
The pull and the push.
The dumbest conversation during that rainy night. &The embarrassing day after.
The disappointment. The anger.
The stolen things.
The probation.
The heartaches and the smiles.
The decisions.
The last encounter.

There were so many..................

I still remember most of what had happened. Remembering and replaying these memories occasionally but with a different heart now.

Guess I'll never forget.

I'm glad though, for they were one of the best parts in my life story...

Given a choice, I won't change a thing.

Ahhhhh. I got an urge to write again.

A week ago, I had a random urge to read my past 'fictions'. Reading them makes me cringe all the time.. It is so childish but, I remember how enjoyable and fun it was back then.

I got an urge to write again. Childish or not.

ps: Thank you.