Thursday, October 29, 2009

Idiot Behind.

Sheep-tired! lol.

Since school start, my life is all about school. LOL. But I'm glad to have awesome friends to live by with. ;)

Guess who. ;)

Gary giving prank calls. -.-

=x LOL!

Mascot! LOL.

School's been average. I'm happy with the current workload and I love this Semester's timetable. Haha! With a blink of my eye, week 2 is coming to an end soon. Life's going on with a pretty fast pace, and me likes it! :D (Other than the fact that aging is faster too.) ;) Any-o-how, life's been great for me.

Me loves me life! Lol.

Last presentation for the week is finally over!! Weee~ Had an impromptu meet up with favourite budget friends, Yaping & Weishan, shopped a little while and had dinner together. :D

It was a fun time. (:

Meanass shan who persuaded me to get a pretty nice hoodie.
AND YES, I didn't regret la. LOL.

It was cold there okay! LOL.


Trying hard to join the hoodie clan of today! LOL.

Hoodie?! Lol.

Retail slaves! They save up to spend on shopping and ends up eating cookie only. LOL!

Didn't wanna look at the camera because I was damn tired and my eyes was a little out of control. =x

See what I mean? Lol.


Funny thing! LOL. Yaping was trying to snap separate a pair of chopstick! Lol
Look at the falling cup. ;)


Totally laughing at the bimbo. =x

Cleaning my bag. LOL!


AND OMG!!! I am super excited and glad that Weishan, Gary, Yaping and Jolene are most probably (90% confirmed) going to join my family to Bangkok! :D Woohoo!!! ^^ Afterwhich, we can all chiong to our Christmas party!! YAY-ness!!! Lol.

And yes yes yes, I have a happening life! LOL. Going out for movies with classmates tomorrow. Meeting up Yanling and Jiaxuan Saturday morning!! Shopping with another clique in the coming Wednesday. BEST MAN! Lol. I hope I can get some stuffs; need more T-Shirts! Lol.


Okay, sheep-tired sheep is going to sleep now...

Till here.

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