Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweet End to Y2 Week2 <3

Had a fantastic evening with Syuhada and Emily...
Rachel only joined us for movie. :( Anyhow, it was a nice time spent together. ^^

Talked a lot.

First was in the library while we waited for Syu's boyfriend so that she could pass him birthday gift. Then it was during dinner. (:
Great girl talks! Lol.

Bought tickets for our movie over at The Cathay and headed down to Plaza Singapura's Pasta Mania for dinner. We were starving! After dinner was a quick look around in shops...

Main two who wasted food la! Tsk tsktsk~

Wasted pineapples and mushroom! LOL!

& Emily~~
Who wasted half her plate of pasta and also pineapples! Lol.

Tsk tsk tsk! These girls!

Why would anyone miss out the pineapples on Hawaiian Pizza siol ~~ Lol. The thought of it makes me... damn full now. LOL! I didn't exactly finished my plate of food either. =x

But mine was definitely lesser than this please! Lol.

Pardon me for the half eaten food. LOL...

My favourite solo picture up later. ;)

First up, Carrefour... LOL! Weird choice, I know. BUT! We were there for the Halloween thingys. ;)

But tsk, the figurine like better looking only. =x Lol.

Emily has gianormous eyes please! Lol.

Guess who? Lol.

Putting on the second mask while Emily was...

Playing with that ugly thing. :S

Tada! Lol.

I just realise Syu's damn on with such things. hahhah.

My crazy friends. ;)

If you realise; in most of the pictures she take, she's always giving the same old smile! LOL.

That's when I was being dragged in to join them. LOL.

Honestly, it was superrrrrrrrrrr duperrrrrrrrr embarrassing because more people started to crowd around the small place that has lots of halloween fun stuffs. Lol.

The guy's really cute, he wanted to join to take pictures luh! HAHA. And even used that thingy on his hand to poke me. :S LOL!

Emily, you really gotta practise more facial expressions from the mirror. LOL.



Ugly three. LOL!

Next stop, FOX! :D

Dang! I wanna get that thick FOX sweater la! Lol.

We were all tempted to buy the same sweater and wear it to school. LOL. But it's super thick uh. Madness. Lol.

After which, walked back to The Cathay to meet up with Rachel before we started munching popcorns during the movie. ;)



Movie, "My Sister's Keeper", is a 3/5 rating for me. I haven't read the book so, I can't compare. But it's definitely worth 6bucks but not the 10 I've paid for. (: Maybe because I am not so much into tear jearking movies and storylines uh... But, the flow was really good. :D I don't mind watching it again, but I'll only pay 6bucks. Lol.
Because we were watching in the night, and our NETS cards were near empty, we had to pay 10bucks! :( Also because Rachel forgot to pass her NETS to Emily la! Tsk. LOL.

My stupid fringe!! :(

Favourite shot up ahead later. ;)

I have a super weak spot for such touching stories. Zzz And I wasn't the only one; there was at least 10 audiences who were sobbing near the end of the movie please! Lol. And, I wasn't; I teared only. ;) Heartless Emily and Syuhada who said they didn't even shed a single tear! Lol. Thank god there's still people like Rachel and me who feels touched by stories like these. LOL!

And them cam-whoring while I wasn't looking! LOL.

I had an awesome time with them. Lots of laughing, teasing and talking. It was really nice to talk to them too. Right Emily? LOL! Hope there's more of these in future. ;)


Okay. Tired.
Till here!

PS: From now onwards, I'm going to try camping at home every Friday just to watch mubank live!!!! ^^ Happy that it's live ON TV! LOL.

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