Friday, September 25, 2009

X Hunt For Duckie ~

Aish! I'm pass the time to blog for "today"~~ LOL! But anyway, had a great day out shopping with How Yanling and Ong Jiaxuan~~~ Love them to bits bits bits! Hehe.

Side track: DAMN IT LA ! I JUST REALISE I FREAKING FREAKING FREAKING MISSED MY ANTM EPISODE TODAY!!! Gawwwwwd. Dumb me. Zzz Feel like banging my head against the wall RIGHT NOW. :'(

Anyway, I was (as usual), LATE to meeting the girls. :x

Please slap me next time I'm late okay?
No, I'm just kidding. Lol.

Mainly did shopping in the town area. And we all got what we wanted to get for this shopping trip. Kekeke. So happy ! Maybe, except; Jiaxuan. Don't remember seeing her get any top.

Jasmine's brain is malfunctioning right now. So she shall let the pictures do most of the talking with her usual naggy captions. HAHA!
Sorry if I go a bit random and stuff. Shopping makes me dead tired. :D


No collages this time because I'm simply too tired and lazy to do them . LOL!

Mid-way through shopping. I wanted to meet some friends, Yanling wanted to take a short break and Jiaxuan wanted to have her lunch so - we headed to the foodcourt... :D

Saw Grace and Eloise~~ Eloise was superrrr cute when she stared at me. Haha!
And I think her voice is cute too... xD
Didn't really stay long... :( AND, we didn't take EVEN ONE picture together. LOL! So, I've decided to just collage one picture with them. xD

Eloise, Grace, Alicia, Alicia's Friend and me. kekeke.
(Eloise please don't kill me when you see this... xD)

Dorothy Perkins...

How Yanling is slowwwwwwwwwwww ~~~
But I'm glad she liked the top and bought it. ;)

Next stop... shall not say where...

Nice top? :D

Like the backdrop~

While waiting for slowduck Yanling.

Today is more of a Yanling shopping day. LOL!
(Pardon for my broken Engrish.. Really... x.x not reading what I'm typing nor am I editing them as of now. LOL! If there's any funny mistakes tag and tell me puh-lease! Love you~~)


Duck !

My cute Penguin~~

Penguin staring at Duck's retardness. LOL.

Next we went to get some undies. Well, we without me of course!
Then, these two girls are really. =.=||| Spent like 15 whole minutes thinking of what to get. -.- What size and what colour. =.= They are in fact all so similar. Zzz LOL! I have no idea what's so difficult... LOL!

"I want full length one!" LOL!

Troublesome is her middle name. ;x
Pose with undies very pretty meh?! Lol.

Walking to cashier...

To do payment?

Well, supposed to... But then...


There goes my ANOTHER fifteen minutes~

They are so indecisive and SO CUTE that they bought two boxes of DIFFERENT sizes because they couldn't decide in the end. Zzz

Leaving me just standing and staring at them. LOL!

Must think until so long... Really~~ @#$@%@$%@ Lol.

Like FINALLY only... Haha...

Happy to be making cheap and pretty purchases~~~

My lousy skill... Always chopping off myself. Zzz
Proves that I'm not good at cam-whoring. LOL!

Jiaxuan still best. ;)

Headed down to Orchard Central.
Honestly, there's nothing much.

The outside is... wow~~
But the inside. Zzz Shall keep comments to myself.
(Ask me if you really wanna know okay? :D)

Fair panda and the dark duck~

Yanling and Jiaxuan...

That's a heel behind them...

And when I look up, woah! It's a freaking tall man/woman holding a shopping bag~


I really like this picture! Pretty right?
Main point; she look so slim in here, she likes it. LOL!

She even ask me to just post these pictures for today. Haha!

Her new boyfriend! Hahaha~~~

Highest level like waste our time only. Zzz

Because it was so boring and empty; we headed back to Plaza Singapura.
(We started shopping from Plaza Singapura. And, we walked from locations to locations!) Legs almost broke like seriously~~~

I was so exhausted, I had migraine~ LOL! Damn dumb.

Dinner time!

Such a pretty picture. xD

See us?

Tiredddddddddddddd ~~~

LOL! Was talking to Jiaxuan when this girl wanted to cam-whore.

Our dinner...

Mine was delicious~~ huhuuuuuuuuuuuu...

After dinner, stayed for about.... 1 & a 1/2hour?! Chatting and just resting. Haha!

While Jiaxuan and I were busy talking about our future. Yanling got so bored and started to just snap snap snap...

Jiaxuan damn lame! Lol.
When the waiter wanted to clear that she said: "Erm.. Never mind, later."
She wanted to sit and wait till she digest a little before finishing them. But then she didn't finish them at all. Haha! I didn't bother to wait because I was wayyyyyyy bloated. Haha.

Desserttttttttttttttttt !

It was overall a fantastic outing with my sweethearts! Time always pass really quickly when we're together. Endless topics too. But sad, couldn't join Eloise, Alicia and Grace today. :'( Hope we really can meet up for movie on Wednesday. Hehe. And, I'll make sure I'll take plentyyyyyy of pictures with them to share. HAHA!

And boy! I've been spending A LOT this holiday~ Lol. Best holiday among the three I've had so far though. ;) Still, a huge hole in my pocket is... SO.NOT.NICE. Zzz

Oh oh oh! Reminds me. (No link at all though.) When we were going home, bumped into Jianhui and Huixin. :D Then, Yanling couldn't stop giggling and laughing FOR NO APPARENT REASON. Zz. Lol. Like back to the unstable mental state. Hahha.

The girls went back home with me.
Because, I was like the beautician for them. haha! Helped them with mask and manicure~~


hurhur. ;)

"Don't even try to smile please~~~"


Getting base coat done when I was on the other hand busy editing pictures...

My colour collection... Mostly are FOC or given by my mother's friends.
And, it's getting so boring. Zzz

Pink series. Zzz


With them not smiling, this look like a candid picture. Haha.
So cute. ;) [My friends!!] hahha.

But sadly, both are attached....
So, drop the idea. Whatever idea you have.

See the pro at work! Lol.

While we were busy doing that, Jiaxuan was just bored and...


As expected, this rough lady here screwed one of her middle finger nail. Zzz

Goodness. I'm tired.

Favourite pictures up ahead!

Spot the long sexy leg at the back and the hot red heels. ;)

I didn't realise I uploaded this picture already. :'( Waste my memory space!

Have to admit, Yanling's skills improved by A LITTLE BIT. Hhahaha.

YES AH! Meeting them tomorrow again. kekeke.


Oh yeah !!! I just came to know today that quite a number of friends/people thinks my blog is interesting and fun to read? LOL!!
KAMSAMIDA, Delphia and Margy. Kekeke.
谢谢你, 佳燕 ~~~ LOL! Don't kill Jiaxuan because she told me. :D
And whoever who thinks the same. hehe.

Okay, till here.

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