Friday, September 25, 2009

Pinkish Cheeks! <3

Took my own sweet time to upload pictures today because I'm a tad sleepy, moodless and exhausted. =x
Gahhhh! I shall be plain boring today. Kekeke. ;)

Had a nice day in with Yanling and Jiaxuan.
Yes, we met each other just yesterday. LOL!

When we don't meet up ; it may mean months and even a Semester long. But when we get together, we realise we miss each other (At least for me k?) and end up seeing each other almost everyday - consecutively... Haha!

Today's not so much of a heart-to-heart talk day but more of a fool around together day. Lol. Messed up my kitchen, sang songs, cleaned my kitchen and what not.. Boy, for a few moments - I thought it'll be fantastic if we live together. LOL! Like... we'll do every house chores together. And maybe end up quarrelling and yelling each other for not doing their part and stuff. ~~~

I feel so extremely comfortable being with them.
And okay, I shall stop repeating such things because it bores you and myself even more. LOL!

Shall just go to the main points aites? :)


Early in the morning 9 o'clock~ Met up with this duckie and went for a swim.

It was a 2hour swim and my mother thought I fainted at home because she forgot about my plan and I forgot to text her before I left home. LOL. She called me like freaking 7 times! And even asked my neighbour to check on me. =.=||| Lol~~

After the 2hours more of like 1 & 1/2 hr, - headed back home to do chores before out again to get baking necessities. OMG LA! It was freaking hot hot hot!! Clouds and the rain must have went for another holiday. Zzz

Talking about hot; I can't remember why but Yanling and I were so engrossed in chatting WE ACTUALLY FORGOT ABOUT SUNBLOCK! Zzz Initially thought I was just a little tanned. But turns out; I GOT A FREAKING SUN BURN ON MY BACK. huhu~~ :'( Lol. Hurts only when I scratch it. Haha~

Jiaxuan's grand arrival~~

Walking back to my house after walking AROUND MY NEIGHBOURHOOD for like an hour?!

Makes us feel even more tired because the sun was blazing hot hot hot !

Don't ask me why someone is blurred. :D

Getting started right after having lunch...

Start spotting who's not in the picture most of the time. ;)

Moulds for biscuits...


And more mixing~~

And MORE mixing~~ Lol.

The pro scraper!!

Look at the pro work!

She's so good at it - the bowl was like... NEAR empty!

SEE! Who can do that to the bottom?
At least bimbo Yanling and clever me can't. =x

Helping out...

The dough...

We spent like about... 5 full minutes exclaming and repeating how good she is at scraping the stuffs off a bowl. Lol.

Okay luh, Yanling did do things. ;)

Don't ask me why so many random pictures...
Main photographer today is...

How are you Yanling!!! :D

Now doing muffins...

Yanling's smile is so cute. haha.
(This picture only...)

Searching for eggs..

Yanling snapping pictures again~~~

Juice person for the day ! :D

=.= no idea why and what's with this picture.

For once, this is a pretty good picture by Yanling. Lol.

Careful, the duck will kill ~

Omg! I just realise my arm looks tanned.
And it's ugly with my fair hand. Zzz

Duck's picture again~

Her turn to wash wash wash~

While the both of us slowly fill the cups, Yanling happily sits there to snap and stare at us. LOL!

Fillings for today - choco chips, almond and raindow drops~

Ong Jiaxuan is crazy! She wanted soooooooooooooooo many choco in her mixture. Lol.

Another work of the pro scraper~ lol.

Having fun just chilling with each other.

So many so many so manyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ~~

Final touches before popping them into the oven...

Back to biscuits~~

Yanling's hair cute right? Lol.

I almost drop my camera into a tub of flour. Zzz

10 Continual shots up next...

Cleaning... while someone else is...

!!!! Relaxing and riding a horse~ LOL!

Nice nice nice nice nice nice???

Ahhhhh... I took that shot. ;)

All taste delicious. And, we fell in love with the almond muffin cupcake.
Really really really really JJANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG !!!

Her share.

Ducks' share...

And mine~~

I just realise my hair is so freaking long. Zzz

Oh yeah, by then Jiaxuan left for work already. :'(
But she's really nice because she cleared a lot of things before she left. :D
Love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! (More than Yanling. LOL!)

Second batch.

So, while waiting - we settled down in my living room to chill, crap and take pictures! Haha.

This is so cute right? LOL!





Took me 6hours to finish this because I was sooooooooooooooooooo freaking distracted. Zzz
Anyhow, me going to bed now because there's driving tomorrow.. Gahhh!! YAY!!! Lol.
I hope my skills are not lost. :S



Really thank you for helping me so much with the chores today~~~~ :D

Okay, till here~~~

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