Friday, September 04, 2009

Like It Like It~


Great post-exam activity ever! Lol. Because it's considered our first? Haha~ Thanks JOSHER for organizing it, SHERYL for helping with one of the activities we cancelled unfortunately. :(. SIYI for helping with almost everything today, EVERYONE who joined, helped out and made this whole event soooooo awesome and of course, MY FANTASTIC MOTHER who prepared the food and stuff~~~!!! Hehe...

A brief entry...
Woke up early to prepare for Steamboat today. Siyi dropped by damn early to help me out with everything while my parents left home damn early because they didn't wanna witness how we dirty the house. LOL!

EVERYONE was late la! And I was damn famished. Ate two buns and didn't eat much for lunch instead. LOL. Waited for all the heartless people to take their time (especially GARY, SHERYL and RACHEL who even went to EAT! hmpf~) before we settled down and finally start on the fooddddddddddddddd !!!

Glad they liked the food. :D Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, helped out with the cleaning and clearing. Made things done really quickly. Then, started off after food activities; Horror flicks, Wii and mahhhhhhhhJONG~ :D

Last but not least;
You made today so delicious(LOL!) and fun!!! :D

Photos photos photos up ahead! :D

Girls table~~ :D

6 of us...

The guys~

Suppose to have 7, but one didn't came and the other was late. :D


Spot mini me behind. haha!

Few random pictures~

I forgot to prepare lots of things. LOL. Had to do them last minute. xD
Thank god there's Siyi to help out with the preparation. kekeke.

Table filled with food and bowls and cups and chopsticks and and and... see for yourself. =x

Siewcheng said that part of the sotong looked like a pig's nose. LOL!

Siyi looks up, spotted my camera and covered her face
But good thing, I had this picture holding up against her. LOL! So that she'll take picture with us for the rest of the day.. Hohoho.

Clique pictures~

Siyi, Limguan and Siewcheng.
Only 3 came out of the 5. LOL~

Rachel and Emily.
Also 3 out of the 5. The other was a guy. :D

AND I'M ALL ALONE~~ Two didn't join, Gary sat at the wrong table with the guys(LOL!!!) and Stephanie was late. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

We separated having girls and guys at different tables but Gary just wanna be with the guys. xD Lol.
(I'm so gonna get it from him)

Focus your attention on Weiming's expression if you know who is who. LOL!
Damn classic, we zoomed in and couldn't stop laughing.
He looked as if the guys didn't let him eat luh. HAHA! Cute. ;)

Just chatting but Sheryl decides to take pictures of me. -,-|||

Look at Rachels' face. HAHA!

Daohong arrive. . . at 3pm!

After eating everyone chip in and helped to clear everything! Omona, really have to thank them. :S Having them as guest but still had them to clear everything up... But things were cleared really fast^^

Resting after clearing?

Omo. LOL! Wrong timeline. xD Still eating I guess?

What is this boss doing with his leg up like that?! Lol.
Ugly la~~ Next few pictures features...


Eating the remainings of the girls' steamboat. LOL!
Josher is the winner for the day. He ate even more than Daohong?!


Even got lazy to use spoon la. lol.

Here! Is when we were clearing instead of previously. LOL~
Can't believe I looked like that. =.= LOL!

Food left for Stephanie. LOL!

After clearing everything. Great "workout" after a great lunch. :D

Sheryl Zhang and Jasmine Chua.


Favourite person to hugggggggggggggggg, Siewcheng... :D
My chengcheng! keke. I forgot to blog but she gave me a black heart on our first paper. So cute...

Limguan and ME~~~ :D

Person who came the latest... :D Lol.
This picture damn cute; but why does it have to be Stephanie's annoying face?! :( Lol.

Guanguan and Nienie

After lunch activities started. We took about five 10-continous shots of us in my living room. LOL.
Some were aware but some weren't. ;)

These pictures are too boring to look at right?

So, I've decided to do GIFs for these continual shots. LOL!

Thank you Serene for helping me... :D


It'll be about... 3 pictures later. LOL!

Almost look like I've got no nose. -.- Lol.


Gary tweeted: "Fugly me and pretty friends playing mahjong~~ x3 Mahjong is loved, JASMINE @Jingqii ROCKS AHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!"
Awww~~ *blush. LOL!
Pardon for the font difference

Please give them some time to load and move?! LOL.

Normal... Spot who's the only ones who were aware of the camera~~
See Rachel walking up...

Sheryl rocking the chair. HAHAHAH!
And Gary bullying Siyi...

Pushing each others' head... LOL.
Siyi moved away lo!! Lol.

Obviously can spot which are is more enthu with photo taking and which area is more engrossed with Wii~ LOL!

This is pretty funny! Sheryl and Gary walking... Lol.
Gary look damn funny in one of the picture!

Steph look extremely disgusted or happy? LOL!

No more pictures during our activites~~ xD



Extra one at the back...

Rachel, Siyi and me with an extra at the back... xD

(Excludes Daohong because he was in a hurry and left early...)

Crazy~~ LOL! Spot Gary and Stephanie...

LOL. Gary... LOL!

Retarded Stephanie and Gary~ LOL!

The girls made a "LOVE 0802", just in case no one sees it. LOL!

Guys more engrossed in Wii tennis~

THE GIRLS! Who has the ugliest expression? :/ And look at Sheryl NOT UGLY AT ALL!!! Lol.

Sheryl copy cats. LOL!


Because the guys couldn't keep still to take a proper picture, I did a GIF.
Ryan really a spoiler! Lol. Spoilt pictures, movie atmosphere AND EVEN SAT


Gar, Fre, Ste...

Ste, Fre, She

Stephanie and Sheryl

Rachel and I ... kekeke.

Big head and heavy head. LOL.

Vietname trip partners. These three girls one room. LOL.

Gary with Onew inspired hair colour and Sheryl~~
LOL! ! !

My clicky clique~~

Sing the note with me;
Do~~~~ Re~~~~ Mi~~~

Favourite pictures up ahead.

After all, they stayed back for supper and watched TV until 11. Hope something like this

can be done again. hehehe.

I like the background,
Yes Sheryl, such a nice photo taken by you.. LOL. Credits to you kay? :D

Till here.

PS: To those who wants the pictures --- Click here and download the album!
There are 22 missing images ah.. :( If you want everything, can get it from me next time. kekeke. Sorryyy...

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