Friday, August 07, 2009

White Flag

I am so supposed to be completing my report right now but there's just things I want to rant out or my head will be too clogged with it. Aish! I don't know how and what I should think and feel about this like seriously. It doesn't matter if progresses comes to a standstill; the least that I expect is... forget it. I can't believe I'm like staring at some error, still unable to complete my report... aish!
Look at the time. How can someone's brain like mine, especially mine, still continue working as fine at this time?! At this freaking time=.=||| Zzz Crap. Even if I go to bed now, I won't be able to sleep because this stupid thing that needs to be submitted tomorrow is still left undone. Zzz

Omo. I feel like killing someone right now.
I don't care if it's illegal, if it's going to get me into trouble or if it's going to put me to jail or if I'm going to get the death sentence. I rather die now then think about such crap.

I'm so sick of getting crap from people I trust. I'm so tired of this happening again and again and again and again and again and again... -.- I really don't know what to say or do...'


PS: Please don't get the wrong idea. If you feel the pinch, that's your problem. And, don't breathe a word about this. By the time I wake up (If I ever get to sleep) I'll forget about it.


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