Friday, August 07, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss!

So from now on, I'll start being ignorant. Lol! xD

Only went for the role-play ICA today. :D Had the test with a half asleep mind but I guess I did pretty well? At least my tutors' reaction was positive. ^^ That's for having a mother who's very picky in such stuffs too. Haha. But, I was wayyy too prepared mentally. Lol. Said and did a lot of unnecessary things. Lol. The thought about it is pretty funny too. xD Still, I'm glad it's over and done with. Just hope I'll get gorgeous grades for that module. I repeat, gorgeous! Lolll...

Have set another goal for myself and hope this high expectations of mine don't make me feel too disappointed when I can't make it... xD

Anyhow, headed home after a long good chat with Syuhada and Sheryl. :D Wanted to catch a wink before Mum calls but I have no idea why - I had the urge to blog. :S And I feel naggy. Hahaha. Chat with Syuhada was relaxed - I was having flashbacks about lots of stuffs!! Haha. Then, left school with Sheryl.

On the way back home, saw many young champions or also better known as kids wearing red tops and white bottom. It's National Days' celebration for schools~~ *Wonder how long has it been since the last ND celebration I've attended...* It's been 2 years... :S I feel old. Lol. The bus was also filled with nice fragrance~~ HAHA. I guess the passengers all showered before going out. ^^

Okay, I was bored so... I expressed my love for photography a little. ;)

My hair was straight initially, but because I laid down for the first fifteen minutes of blogging, it's back to being naughty again :@

No, not constipation. I have no idea what's with that face also. LOL.

Oh ya, forget about the previous entry. I was so freaking pissed off with myself- I had to vent my frustrations somewhere~~ :D And I repeat, I was pissed with mua~~ Lol.
Aish! I'm so hungry right now. Hurhur~~
Another random thingy, I'M SO HAPPY TO KNOW NEW FRIENDS!!! Hehehe~~

Hohoho~ My hair's still brown aye~~
I'mma Brown eyed girls hair girl~~ HAHAHAHA!
Sorry, random and crazy right now. LOL!

Showing to you guys, my boyfriend~~~ :D
It's official okay~~
My bf = tv LOL!


Disturbing my sister~~ HAHA.... She's drying her hair...

OMONA! My mother's rushing us already. How can they be so fast?! Omg.
I'm sleepyy~~ Crap! I'm scared for tonight's driving lesson because my energys' draining bit by bit~~ Okay okay, naggy Jasmine has got to go! NOW~ LOL.

Bye bye my loves~~~ :D

PS: Silence may be the best conversation at times.
From now on, I'll just keep quiet too~ HAHA!

While waiting for my sister, took another picture! LOL.

Gary, this peace sign looks like whose signature pose...? LOL.

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