Saturday, August 08, 2009

Goodbye Romeo(S)~ xD

Have been having the blogging mood; that totally explains the many entries I've made over the week... ^^ Well, plan for Xiaoxuan to come over was cancelled because she was lazy. LOL! But, I am going to get something done for today! *Promise myself*

I am so pissed and upset right now. :( My cable TV decides to deprive me of the shows I wanna watch badly!!! :@ All thanks to my mother who asked about it yesterday!!! :@
//edited~ OH WAIT! I STILL HAVE 173~~~ Super happy. At least something. LOL. But I still want my 33.... :'(
FYI: We didn't subscribe some channels but still got it available, I have no idea why. :S

Okay, that's random. -.-
Yesterday was a good day out; that excludes the fact that I was suffering from this terrible... bloated tummy. =.= I hate the fact that my body's so freaking lousy. I can't stay awake even for one day! Because I only rested for an hour the day before, I was all weak yesterday. =,=

Headed out to lunch with family before going to the temple and some shopping. Went to many many many places yesterday... ^^ Long day... Bought clothes and some accessories. All thanks to my sister, I spent a sum of $100 just in one day!! Lol. Sad thing for me. Zzz

Gave driving a miss again due to the damn bloated tummy I had. :S

Suddenly lost for words to blog. :S

Red formal top. ;)

Stupid left eye.

Cute mum~ Lol.

Till here~

PS: Goodbye Romeo(S)~~ You'll be missed. hurhur.

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