Monday, August 10, 2009

Tell Him Your Wish~

Just dropping by for a short update.

I'm bored.

Really bored.

But, I'm having tuition now. Feeling so :@ because my tutee doesn't even know the basics she NEEDS/HAVE/MUST to know. Zzz Her common test is on the coming Friday some more... :S Was so... :@ until I don't even wanna say anything or scold her already. So tiring...
PS: Helina ahhhh~ I can't be there when you're having your exam okay... =.=

Okay. Boredom slightly better. ^^

Going out later for lunch with Budget Tan. Then, to Plaza Singapura for "Where Got Ghost?" with family... Can't wait.
But back home need to rush power-point slides. :S Let's all pray hard hard for Wednesday's presentation to be a success~~

Look at the state of my sister's bed!! Lol.
Damn messy- I have no idea how she sleep last night... LOLLL~

My embarrassed tutee. Hurhur~

Loving my laptop's webcam because it's less lag (Can take many snapshots!) and much clearer but!, it doesn't have pretty effects~~ :(

Okay, off to prepare to meet my Budget Tan~~~ :D
(After my tuition~~)

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