Monday, August 10, 2009

No One Listens~

Just Came back long ago from lunch, "Where Got Ghost?" movie and dinner~ :D Lunch was great, movie was funny and awesome while dinner was absolutely... nice! Lol.

Nothing beats a long nice hour lunch with a friend, a budget one too (xD LOL!), who'll just make you feel extremely comfortable and all. It was nice because we could talk about anything, everything under the sun. Lol. From random topicA to random topic... J? Lol.
But I felt totally cheated by this girl! Lol. End up, only I was having a decent lunch because she had hers already. :@ LOL!
WEISHAN -ah! We never take picture leh!! Lol...

After which, bused home to meet family before heading down to Plaza Singapura for the movie!! Lol. No wait, we had our tea-break first... Movie starts at 4.15pm but we were still at the foodcourt at 4.15pm~ -.- LOL! Good thing that PS movies always start like... 20minutes later?!

So "Where Got Ghost?" was a pretty good movie. Since it was more of a comedy than a horror film; it definitely got 4/5 ratings from me~ As for horror, it's only 3/5... Scary but not very scary. LOL! And maybe because I laugh at the slightest thing, it was a pretty funny movie to me. xD Plus points for the after thoughts of the 3 stories...~
I'll recommend you to watch it in the cinema, else get the pirated disc because when the DVD's out, a lot of funny scenes will no longer be funny because... dialects are most probably translated to Chinese. :S

Movie-d then, dinner! Dinner was a mini feast at the foodcourt~ LOL! My mother ordered A LOT of food... xD After that, SANS bookstore before heading home. I "BOUGHT" A BOOK!!!

Hurhur, a bit lame but...

It was a great time out, still. :)

Omo omo! I bumped into my new friend, from SFI, too~ ALICIA!! The moment was a bit awkward~ Was totally stunned when she called out/waved to me because I was unprepared for the coincidence. Lol...

Okay, lost.for.words.

My mother said it looks like a chicken??!! LOL.
She must be blind~

Took only one picture today~

Ignore the background.. Lol.
Well, my sister told me not to include the fact that she suggested to take the picture in front of that poster. So, you will not know who suggested that. xD LOL!

Okay. Goodnight.

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