Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hadi's I Don't Know xD

You're in for a treat! - A long entry from me. Lol. Because I'm very bored right now waiting for my tutee to arrive. 5minutes later~ My tutee's here but she's busy doing the work I've assigned her, so here I am feeling bored and blogging~
Nahh, that's just an excuse. I'm feeling naggy today. :S

- I keep forgetting I'm blogging while teaching my tutee~ HAHA! Silly me. It's been 2hours for this post. HAHA.

Okay, sorry back to topic...

Today's been a pretty good day. Only attended morning's tutorial because it was e-lecture and the class decided to skip our BEnvironment's tutorial too. HAHA!
Apparently, Terrence told me the tutor wasn't there too. xD And, he's the only one who went for class. x;
PS: I'm so sorry for not informing you Terrence! xD

So during class today, Sheryl came over to my seat. Randomly wanted to check out my webcam and we started to take pictures. HAHA! :D

Sheryl~~ :D

Syuhada joins in~ :D

Then Josher decides to just stare at the camera. LOL.

Sheryl, really really out of the usual for you. HAHA!

Syuhada look really cute in here.
But wait, Rachel ask me not to praise her! LOL...

Wide smile people, wide smile~~

Oh what big faces we have. HAHA!

A snap shot. xD


Okay, this is very lame but Sheryl's trying to bite me or something. LOL.

How can they take a picture without me?! :@ Lol.


I feel so loved~~ Wanted to do GIFs but I'm sorry girls, too lazy. x;

Gotta use anti-bacterial soap to clean the face. HAHAH!

Before the girls leave for their shopping trip at Plaza Singapura.

Trying to snap the class. Limguan was fast enough to avoid it. LOL!


So anyway, because of our e-lecture, we had 4hours of break till the next lesson in which we decided to just skip. xD As mentioned above luh~
We headed to Bishan's Pizza Hut for lunch before wasting an hour in arcade with Fredrick, Hadi, Gary, Josher and Weiming. :S LOL!

Jokes of the day...
Gary: "Yeah, Hadi you should mix (he meant makes but sounded like mix) the decision..."
Can you imagine someone mixing up answers?! Lol. Like mixing yes and no...? LOL!

Then it was Hadi's "I don't know..." Doesn't look funny but definitely sounds funny! LOL.

Lastly, it was Gary who bumped damnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! close to a stranger! LOL~~ The moment was classic, freaking funny! If only I had it recorded down. AHAHAHA!

Okay, that sums up for my day~~ :D Favourite pictures uploaded below~~

That reminds me. Exams are round the corner, like in two weeks time? :( Not excited for it but I'm going to put in effort to do well this time. I don't wanna see any ugly grades this time round~~ :S OMO! There's role-play tomorrow. I really hope I do well because I know nuts about customer service and stuff. :( I'm very very very scared that I'll get some kuku topics and end up screwing up the role-play~~ :S

Wish me luck people, wish me plenty of luck!! :D
I think I need plenty of that. :S Lol.

:( There's still constructions going on around my house.. :( I hope they end fast I need peace to study. :(

Okay, till here... :D

Yingling in the house, background~~

Funny Feifei! HAHA! Having mostache??? Lol.

Limguan's loved by JASMINE~~
PS: I know you love me too. Haha...

"Gary see this"
Too late to avoid it. HAHA!


Guan look so kiddy in here. xD

Okay, I'm finally done!
Mum's cooking smells awesome!

Off now..
Buhbye! :D

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