Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Long Wordy Entry~ xd

Haven't been blogging over the weekend because I've been busy doing nothing but slacking. Can be seriously disastrous when you have 2 tests on Tuesday. Lol. Good thing i had the whole of my Monday to actually do something. :)

Well, Saturday was extremely slack for me. All i did was waste my time on my laptop and had an awesome time with my best companion, the TV. Lol. Saturday's the best TV day! Other than the other best TV days i have. :x
As for Sunday, i did nothing productive too. Haha. Such a mundane life i have. But hey, I'm loving every single second of it. :x okay, pardon. I'm so tired, I'm actually typing nonsense now. Haha.

Okay, the highlight for Sunday was this observation for youth Olympic or something that I attended. Obviously had a few doubts about going but it's good i went. Time well spent with friends and i even got cca points for that! What a great deal. i never regret my choices. Haha. Had a whale of a time with Soohou and Mary- sorry, i meant Gary. :) the whole thing was pretty boring but i definitely had lots of fun with the guys; laughing at the slightest things and just making fun of people. :x mean asses we are, but we have to self entertain. Lol.

So anyway, it was a great time together. Such a long time since i felt so comfortable and nice. :) school's been a battlefield alright!

Thinking about it, i kinda miss those days the four(jx, gary, soohou and i) of us lame and crap in class back then. Wait, or rather- the funny times Soohou and i always bicker about the slightest things. And how he always end up making us tear and have tummy aches from laughing really hard.
Omo. An accidental flashback. =/ Lol. Apologies.

Anyway, Monday was well spent staring at my books. Lol. Hopefully those stares are equally good for me to score in today's tests.

So I actually studied a little for both tests. E-Commerce paper was manageable and hope it means scoring that paper too. But as for IPT Net, I was literally killed. Zzz. My mind went BLANK when I saw the questions. Damn, I felt super stupid because I could actually do well for that paper. -.- Maybe it's because of the 6hours of studying we had in between. All that was in my head the day before vanished. =.=
Gahhhhhhhhhhhh. Forget it.

Done with an extremely wordy and boring entry for you people to just scan through, kind souls will read it. Lol. And now, I'm off for some rest. Toodles!


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